Sports Assists?

Feb 19




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Persons who have become disabled since birth and/or even due to accidents are more open-minded nowadays. They think of their situation as something that doesn’t tell them that it’s already the end of the world. Otherwise, it gives them the chance to ponder on the other things that they can do now. They do engage in various activities that can help them overcome their condition and become more confident about themselves. In fact, some of them already established integrity and a good reputation in various fields including sports. Along this fact is their need to have something – I’m talking about wheelchairs – that can “support” them in carrying out these activities.


According to the article “Wheelchair Seat Angle” by Gary Karp which was posted at,Sports Assists? Articles your chair seat does not necessarily need to be parallel to the ground. Seats can slope down toward the back. The angle of the seat compared to the ground is known as "seat dump" or "rake". Having some degree of seat dump makes those persons with disabilities more stable in their seat. People with higher level spinal disabilities gain security and safety with the use of seat dump. Manual riders are able to exert more push with less effort through their arms and shoulders.

This so-called seat angle in wheelchairs helps keep your weight in place, preventing you from sliding forward because it controls stability and safety for the rider. Seat angle or “squeeze” is when the seat has permanent slopes from high in the front to low in the back. However, the disadvantage is that seat angle increases pressure and shear forces increasing the risk of skin breakdown, and too much angle can cause scoliosis, disk problems, curvature of the spine, and sacral pressure sores. A more pronounced seat dump might also make it more difficult for you to transfer in and out of your chair. Doesn’t sound fun, right?

I believe the wheelchair was primarily invented to make disabled persons feel comfortable all the time. We all know that these people indulge in sport activities, too. In fact, I’ve heard about this Paralympics for persons with disabilities. There are also some athletics events for them using their wheelchairs to win the race. What a great way to honor them and make them realize that they’re still fortunate for the opportunity to have a beautiful life they can spend in this wonderful world!

Above all these, we can still never deny the fact that wheelchairs have become a big part of the lives of disabled persons and it will continue to be such. And indeed, these people also have a place in the wonderful world of sports after all!

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