The convenient genital warts treatment options

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In this article you will find authentic information on the convenient genital warts treatment options and how these antiviral medications treat problems with their advanced medicinal properties .

According to an estimation done in 2010,Guest Posting the total number of newly diagnosed genital warts cases in Europe is no less than 250,000, which makes it one of the most widely spread sexually transmitted infections in the continent. This infection is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and is extremely contagious in nature. In most cases the virus causing the infection gets transferred from one body to another through a single, unprotected sexual contact. It doesn't necessarily mean that genital warts gets transmit through unprotected vaginal intercourse but also anal or oral sex, sharing sex toys. The treatment of genital warts usually involves dealing with the exterior symptoms of the condition, and can’t provide a complete cure for the infection. Situation can be such that in a year there will be several warts outbreak and to keep the situation under control medications like Warticon and Aldara wart cream and Condyline need to be used according to a physician's instruction.

There are several strains of HPV and among them only HPV-6 and HPV-11 are responsible for causing warts infection. The chance of contracting warts infection is higher among men and women with the habit of changing partners quite frequently, compared to those who don't change partners as frequently. Engaging in any form of sexual activity without adequate protection also heightens the chance of contracting genital warts. Symptoms of the infection don’t always appear straight away, which is why treatment isn’t always sought straight away. In many cases the first outbreak occurs after several months and leaving it untreated. The symptoms of genital warts infection include the appearance of fleshy growths on skin, especially around the genitals of both men and women. These fleshy bumps vary in size and they are painless, except in certain cases they are itchy. Sometimes these symptoms don't appear on the skin as they occur internally.

An outbreak of genital warts can be triggered by several factors. According to the clinical studies major factors like excessive alcohol consumption, friction around the genital area, psychological stress and physical as well as psychological fatigue play important roles in causing an outbreak. Medications like Warticon wart treatment cream and Aldara cream target the virus cells causing the infection directly and relieves a patient from experiencing an outbreak. Condyline solution creates a toxic effect on the warts nucleus of the wart cells, causing them to die. Learn more from about these three treatments. provides you with a safe way to order prescription wart medications online, however they require all patients to complete a fee and confidential online consultation form when they place their order. This consultation will be checked by a registered doctor to evaluate a person’s suitability to use the medication. If the consultation is approved a prescription will be issued. This prescription will then be passed to a registered pharmacist, who will ensure that the medication is dispensed for delivery as soon as possible. Most orders are sent via overnight delivery to ensure that patients are able to get their treatment as soon as possible.

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