The Dangers and Drawbacks Of Anti Aging Procedures

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Anti aging procedures are probably a plastic surgeons or dermatologists most popular requests due to how focused we are on staying young forever.The author talks about the different types of anti aging options available to the masses and what could potential be dangerous to some.

                You are always surprised by the appearance of those first gray hairs or fine lines on your face. An overwhelming feeling of dread washes over you and you realize that you are no longer a kid. So what are the reactions? Some rush out and buy that box of hair color or that cream they have been hearing about,Guest Posting while others call their local hair dresser and dermatologist or plastic surgeon and plan a visit to receive a anti-aging procedure. If you are leaning towards the knife when contemplating staying youthful, you should probably think again before it is too late.

-First of all, anti-aging procedures are dangerous and painful. Chemicals are used by the thousands when it comes to anti aging procedures, and a large majority of them are highly dangerous to the human race. Take for example the Botox procedure. A doctor comes in and takes a needle. Then he/she proceeds to inject a diluted form of botulism (held to be one of the most toxic substances known to mankind) into your face. In what world does that logic make sense? Or a chemical peel, where a doctor comes in and applies a type of acid that burns a layer of skin off you face. This is just not safe. Along with the dangerous chemicals and substances, comes the pain and recovery time. For most anti aging procedures out there, a requirement of at the very least a week is needed to heal your face or body. So not only are you putting your body and health in danger, you are going to be in pain for at least a week. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

-Second, the cost can be outrageous. The money spent on anti aging procedures spent in a year is in the multi millions. People are just throwing their money at these plastic surgeons/dermatologists in hopes that the fountain of youth will be delivered to them.   No more saving for a vacation to a foreign land, or a brand new house, people are saving their hard earned money to go into a doctor’s office and receive an anti aging procedure or any other procedure that allows for a quick result. I think the average money for one anti aging procedure was about $2,000. I do know about you, but for me I can think of a lot of better things to spend $2,000 on.

-Third, you cannot get just one, most anti-aging procedures have to be repeated to keep the desired results. This is not just a onetime thing, eventually your face lift or the Botox you injected into your skin is going to fade away, leaving you right back to where you started; with a face full of wrinkles and lines. So not only are you shelling out thousands of dollars once, but multiple times. By the time you just give up your face could be permanently disfigured and you have bought a houses worth of anti aging procedures. 

                Some options are available to you that do not involve a laser, chemical, or knife. These are you topical creams that have advanced through the year to allow for better results at a safer price. With the anti processed movement gaining speed, companies are being very cautious about what they put in their products. All natural, organic, and non synthetically processed are become key words when people are looking for skin care products. Some examples of anti aging skin care ingredients that are safe and all natural are Matrixyl, Sesaflash, or Stem Cells (from nature not fetuses). All of these additives get into the body’s system and kick it into third gear by helping in the production of important cells and molecules that keep the face and body youthful. Plus, the topical route is far less expensive than any anti aging procedure you can think of.

The age old question of product versus procedure has been addressed, but I am not the end all say all. The decision is ultimately up to you whether you want to go the anti aging procedures route or the anti aging product avenue. Just do me a favor and do your research first. Your body will thank you later.

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