The Low Down On Acai Berry Juice

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The Acai Berry is encountered in the rain forests of South America and has been a popular berry with the masses of its native land for several generations. Pronounced "ah-sigh-ee",Guest Posting the acai berry juice has recently become the topic of a North American health craze with the creation of assorted acai drinks, health products and weight loss supplements.The acai berry has become a popular ingredient in both health drinks and supplementations as several believe it to contain antioxidants able to render improvements in wellbeing. Acai berry juice is stated to have double the quantity of antioxidants as blueberries and ten times that of grapes. Also, if you value the described nutritional benefits of wine you'll be delighted to learn the levels of anthocyanins are 10-30 times greater in the acai fruit than in red wine.Nutrition reviews are totally positive and the acai berry has made the ranks of the pomegranate, goji berry, and others to make it to "Superfood" status. The acai berry has caught the attention of news headlines and become the topic for numerous articles, and maybe its biggest accelerator to popularity has been on the Oprah Show, as introduced by renowned physician Dr Nicholas Perricone. The berries have become the highlighted component in many fruit juices boasting a long list of health benefits, with acai berry juice drinks topping the list. Benefits include increased energy, anti-aging, improved sleep and strong heart health, just to name some. And with great concern to many is whether acai berries could be a contributor in the battle against cancer. There are studies that are lending more clarity to the role of the antioxidants in acai fruit actually destroying cancer cells.Statements of acai benefits in the last few years have won over numerous consumers of its worth, as attested in the increasing amount of acai products on the market. Nowadays you can discover a variety of acai berry products, ranging from drinks with a percentage of acai berry juice, to freeze dried acai pulp and powder, to weight loss supplements, to alcoholic drinks with an added acai flavor. It's significant to mention, however, that not all acai products are produced by reputable companies. In that respect, no research that suggests drinking acai berry juice or taking acai supplements will result in weight loss. The accounts of these acai benefits and the expanded popularity of assorted acai drink and health products has tempted a quantity of celebrities and professional athletes to climb on the bandwagon. Several of them affirm that inserting acai berries into their nutrition regime has ensued in important changes to their lives, performance and wellness. People native to the Amazon, have recognized acai berry benefits, both nutritional and medicinal, and included this fruit in their diet for centuries. Normally they'd drink the acai juice made from pulping the berry or eat the acai pulp itself. The berries have long been recognized by locals to have value in improving the immune system and have even been referred to as the "Amazon Rainforest Viagra" for their energy boosting properties! 

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