Top Hair Loss Myths Revealed

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Hair loss can get embarrassing. Most people are also equally embarrassed to go ask a doctor for help; that is why some people resort to sticking to hair loss myths.

The problem is that,Guest Posting it is easier to deal with baldness at its earlier stage. And we aren't just talking about how it's going to save you from all the usual teasing at an earlier time.The thing is, hair loss might be an indication of an underlying medical condition or vitamin deficiency – and we all know how people say its better to take care of health-related issues at its earlier stage. Some of the most common hair loss myths are the following:Poor Blood CirculationYou might have heard of some people who pour wine on their heads, believing this will dilate the blood vessels on the scalp. The thing is hair loss is not caused by poor blood flow; if it were, transplants wouldn't have worked. Hair loss is about your follicles not receiving nutrients. So don't do that headstand the next time someone tells you to stand on your head because it gets blood to flow to your scalp better.Only Men Get Pattern BaldnessWell, it does look like men are almost always the ones hit by pattern baldness problems. The thing is, females suffer from pattern baldness too although it doesn't appear in the famous M-shape and that it isn't as extreme. So, it is easier to hide.Cut Hair to Make it ThickerCutting hair will never make your hair grow thicker, although it will certainly make it look thicker. You have probably noticed that hair is thicker near the roots, so if it's really short, it might look thick. Hair density is about hair follicles so no matter how much hair cutting you do, new follicles will not appear. On the other hand, habitual hair pulling, also known as Trichotillosis, not only will cause temporary hair loss; it might also cause scalp trauma resulting to hair not growing for an extended period.Less Sex Means Hair fallContrary to popular belief, you aren't likely to lose hair because of ejaculation. While it is true that the male hormone testosterone is responsible for the by-product called DHT that suppresses hair growth, recent studies haven't established anything that can link sexual intercourse to hair loss, or to getting hair to grow.Too Much StylingA perm, or frequent ironing of hair, as well as using hair products aren't likely to cause the hair loss that we have in mind. Well, frequent styling and the use of chemicals will probably cause hair fall due to breakage, but it can be counter-treated with products that can protect your hair. Another thing is that as long as the chemicals do not affect your follicles, which should be the case, your hair should grow back.Acknowledging that you have a hair loss problem is the first step. The next is finding out about your treatment options – the real ones. You need to be accurately diagnosed for you to know what the right options are, and to find out whether your hair loss is caused by an underlying medical condition. Do not try diagnosing yourself. Consulting a professional might mean more hassle and a little more money, but when your health, physical and mental is the one at stake, you just can't be too careful.For more information from Brian Welsch about Propecia online check

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