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Every business looking for towels and linens has to start by finding the right supplier.  Bath towels and linens may be easy to find at big-box retailers but these products will not stand up to the rigors of daily washing.  The best options for owners looking for a linen supplier should think about the size of their inventory, covering everything from towels to curtains.

United Textile Supply is a Denver,Guest Posting Colorado-based company that has been a supplier of bath towels linens to commercial clients for years.  This distributor offers bath towels and linens to hotels, hospitals, gyms and salons around the United States at affordable rates.  In addition to the wholesale costs used by United Textile Supply, customers have access to towel linens in numerous colors.  The company offers all-white and colored towel and linen sets along with luxury products to add a touch of distinction to hotel and hospital rooms. 

Another wholesaler specializing in bath towels linens is Wholesale Linens by Cathgro.  This business was established in 1977 to market directly to hotels and linen resellers in the United States.  The signature product from Wholesale Linens by Cathgro is its bath towel ensemble, which features hand and bath towels in various sizes.  Wholesale Linens by Cathgro offers sheets, pillow covers and curtains for businesses in need of quality linens.


Small business owners may not want to frequent large wholesalers when purchasing towels linens.  An entrepreneur who wants to support other small businesses should look at Avanti Linens when shopping for linens and towels.  Avanti Linens is located in New Jersey and maintains an ecommerce website that is useful for prospective clients outside of the Garden State.  The company’s products are sold in major retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond along with local shops throughout New Jersey.  Avanti Linens products are separated into collections like SouthWest, Tropical and Coastal for easy shopping.


Rotary Supply is another company distributing bath towels and linens on a smaller scale.  Rotary Supply was established in 1924 and has offer table and bed linens along with bath towels to national customers without disruption for more than eight decades.  The company’s client list includes major hospitals, hotels and spas throughout the United States, demonstrating the appeal of its towels and linens to prominent clients.  Rotary’s towel options range from imported towels and linens made from high-quality materials to bulk towels that are useful in low-cost motels.

Every business wants to add sophistication to its inventory even with relatively minor purchases like towels and linens.  Luxor Linens specializes in bed and bath linens made from 100% Egyptian cotton, a premium fabric that is soft but durable.  Luxor’s product list includes pillow cases, sheets, and towels that can be used by individuals as well as corporate clients.  Due to the higher prices charged by Luxor Linens, customers are entitled to several benefits for working with the company.  Each order of bath towels and linens from Luxor Linens includes free shipping, free return shipping and no sales tax.  Luxor Linens can also monogram linens and towels for executive gifts at Christmas, birthdays and other occasions.


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