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All the required packages in the sub-seam seam. According to the caps, sleeves and back off the order sheet, clothing and body to fold back. Common velvet woven fabric with anti. Down clothes sewing technique has its particularity.

Cutting: Color camouflage fabrics to recover.
The surface where gall material be required by the version of the CD standard is not missing pieces multi-chip.
Plus cotton parts: 100g loose cotton: hat in × 1,Guest Posting cap piece × 2; 200g cotton: collar; 100g needles: 1 / 2 small collar, placket, 1 / 2 pocket mouth × 2Plus gall material parts: placket, pocket mouth, small collar, and collar.
Production steps|Plus cholesterol mine feeding site: fly, pocket mouth, small collar, collar,Reference lines like clothing and drawings|Line reference samples and drawings}.
From 11 - 13-pin pin / 3cm open air track, 12-14-pin / 3cm dark trace. Commissural with a 11 # needle, wire needle with a 9 #.
Along the color line, and body surface line.
The parts of the line to be straight, sewing thread shall not trace there are two 30cm single-hop and jump straight needle, stitch package does not allow jumper. Surface, bottom line should be tight, landing to fight back needle.
Surface, bottom line should be tight, landing to fight back needle. Pleating lines and the shoulder seam to seam.
Steam eyes with color across the mattress.
A large zipper requirements for smooth, not fire. Placket chain pull head asked Zola to right insert, editor of 0.1cm line.
The main standard, including small nail in after years; Water Wash, including in the left side seam 1 / 2 as the standard under the mouth.
All the required packages in the sub-seam seam.
Pocket 1CM decorative line after the line first filling cashmere series.
By cotton cloth, hats week 0.1cm open wire loop to go, hat before the mouth 0.1 +2.5 cm open wire at the end of the mouth with 0.1 open wires. Cap with a band gap of. Cap seam strip. In particular, line drawing.
Shoulder, axils, pocket cloth and tape.
Semi-finished products have small hot, flat ironing clothes; no aurora.
Other specific practice reference sample
All garments must be steam ironing, semi-finished cars cage small hot.
Wireless head, no oil, no powder trace No debris inside pocket. Neat, clean, smooth. Tidy, clean, smooth.Suture requires ironing hot uniform, no aurora|Suture ironing uniform requirements, no Aurora}.
According to the sleeve folded backward hat, order, body bent back ninety percent off.
Packaging, logo, etc. in order to play according to Quit, Li-ping, buckle at the zipper top.
Packing requirements according to the proportion, garment folding neatly, uniform.
Tag Water washes to sub-paragraph number, color number, shape and so on. Indicate the number of inspectors, the total check number, the gray or white duck down duck down and so on.
Down materials are mainly down and coated fabrics. The feather: pinnacle and cashmere child (also known as the red velvet ) mixture} Ducks and geese have more hair, by the washing of isolated penniless and velvet jackets of the child as wadding. Down with gray two, white is preferred. Down clothing quality and cashmere filling volume and related with cashmere. Cashmere filling quantity of a down jacket quilted into feather weight, with gram, typically 250 grams, cashmere filling amount, thermal difference; with cashmere content in finger down son, expressed as a percentage, generally with a fleece weight of 50 to 80%. With cashmere high, is of good quality. Because cashmere to make human body heat dissipation is not easy, and soft to the touch, but when pressed and when wet easily after the timely muster, and pinnacles now can make clothes to keep clothes fluffy muster more air, is helpful to keep warm, but the pinnacle much heat easily, Diaspora, and Mao Gang. . So the cashmere and pinnacles must swallow anything and everything, proper proportion. a use warp and weft density coated fabric silk, cotton, Cotton and other fabrics, the rolling pressure processing, the narrow gap between the warp and weft yarn, coated with polymer slurry, so that cross-linked with the formation of transparent fabric coating cover, to close the gap warp and weft fabric Some of the inclusion of fluorine in the phosphate slurry coating resin or silicone water repellent, the fabric has anti-dew down, the performance of seepage water. Nineteen eighties has not coated special ultra high density fabric can also play a dew proof cashmere, impervious to water and air permeable effect. Din House, Din cards, cotton is a hard class, wearing a flat; real Sitar poplin, taffeta is a soft type, soft and comfortable to wear.
Down classification:Down is generally based on the source can be divided into goose and duck down, according to color into white cashmere and gray velvet, of course, in addition, there are Icelandic eider production of black velvet, and so on. Relatively speaking, better down from larger, more mature birds, therefore velvet will slightly better on the duck down . Speaking from the colors, it is white cashmere, light-colored fabrics that can be used instead of transparent color, more popular than gray velvet.
Ingredients :range from 5% to 95% from. For example you can say: 90% white goose down, etc.
Charge down the amount: it is not a measure of the amount of down filling down the quality indicators, it is a down jacket filled with all the weight down. General the charge down the amount of outdoor jacket design is different depending on the target at 250-450 grams.
Cashmere (down content): cashmere rate is the ratio of down inside the velvet, generally expressed as a percentage. Outdoor cashmere jacket is generally above 80%, the data content of the surface of which is down 80% feather is accounting for 20%.
Bulkiness (fill power): fluffy is a measure of the degree of warmth down an important indicator, refers to certain conditions, each ounce (30 grams) down the value of the share volume of cubic inches. If an ounce of down space required is 600 cubic inch said down the fluffy degree 600. Down the fluffy degrees higher, in the same cashmere filling volume of feather can be fixed to a larger volume of air to heat preservation and heat insulation layer, so the warm down. Fluffy at home is not a rigid index, and the measurement of relative error is larger.
Down the basic requirements of the fabric
Wind ventilation: Windproof breathable: most of the outdoor down have certain windproof.  Ventilation is the outdoor clothing uniform requirements, but many tour pal but often ignore the importance of down jacket fabric air permeability. A gas-tight Down in the mountains on the result is often fatal.
Proof: enhanced feather fabrics down prevention in three ways, one is covered or coated on the base cloth, through the film or coating to prevent leakage of cashmere, of course, principal premise is breathable, and will not affect the fabric thin and soft degree. Two is the high density fabric through post-processing to improve the fabric itself, the down-proof properties. Third, in the inner layer of fabric down to add a layer of anti-flannel, flannel anti-good or bad will directly affect the quality of Shangri.
Thin soft: In today's equipment lightweight down jacket lightweight fabric will directly affect the level of the overall weight of a down jacket, and soft fabrics, bulky down jacket for itself in terms of, will increase down clothes to wear comfort. On the other hand, thin and soft fabrics contribute to better play down the fluffy degrees, so warm and can also be higher
Waterproof: mainly for professional Yukon Fu, in cold environments and wear, down jacket fabric to directly replace the jacket used
Down fabric type:Waterproof coating (coating) fabrics.
Somewhat that similar to the type of fabrics jacket with waterproof breathable performance, generally be used for professional mountain down jacket. But the difference is that the whole fabric is thinner and lighter than the jacket fabric soft number. Down the other because usually in cold environments, mainly for the solid water ice and snow melt water, hence the pressure-resistant fabric as the jacket does not demand so high, and most of the down jacket with waterproof fabric Another point to note is that some of the low-down jacket in order to prevent leakage down the use of airtight coated fabric, if only for daily wear, can barely be considered. On behalf of fabrics: dry loft, PROO-TEC LM and so on.
High density water repellent fabric
The density of the fabric itself is very high, generally in more than 290T. Then fabric surface by high temperature fusion to reduce the gap in post-processing technology fabric to improve the anti-down nature. The thin fabric, soft degree is all down jacket fabric inside the highest, at the same time with windproof, waterproof, breathable performance. Type of fabric down jacket and sleeping bag is the most widely used method of fabrics, but the level of post-treatment process for the anti-velvet fabric of great influence. Represention fabrics: pretax, soft-b etc
Ordinary woven fabric with anti flannel
Generally use lower density nylon or polyester, Down in the production when added in the anti-flannel fabric in the side, can play a role in down-proof, anti-down performance is good. The disadvantage is that anti-flannel jacket affected the flexibility, and increased Shangri from the weight. The most important is that if you are using the inferior Down-proof Fabric words, down jacket permeability will be greatly reduced, and after washing, Down-proof Fabric easily damaged or agglomerate. Another way is for anti-down process, the process is in the fabric of the inner layer rubber brush on a layer of anti-velvet, fabric feel poor, and airtight. The behalf of fabric is many but not well-known fabric manufacturers.
Three types of fabric performance comparison: tailored said that the best performance; waterproof coating ( coating ) breathable fabric hypothesis is consistent with the requirements, common woven fabrics inside the down-proof fabric also hypothesis is consistent with the standard . This form is only as a basic reference values, the actual situation according to the three types of the fabric will have bigger discrepancy.
Down the basic requirements for accessories have two things: First, low temperature, because the use of the environment generally at low temperatures, cold intolerance of the materials is likely to break. Second, durable, imagine, minus 30 degrees in environment damage your zipper pull on suddenly, and it will be any results.
Down jacket used on the main front zipper, zipper pocket chain closed, requiring the use of smooth, and there are auxiliary device for zipper. Representative products: yak zipper series.
Down on main rope buckle, buckle hat adjusting ladder button and zipper head supporting, require the use of smooth, closed firmly, and resistance to low temperature. Representation of the product: Multi-Knout series are fastener.
Sewing thread is required after silicone oil soaked, can prevent the needle is pulled big leakage of cashmere, and the required strength as much as possible under the premise of fine.
Velcro:Velcro-type using four weeks rounded, and preferably not hooks hair varieties.
Down clothes sewing technique has its particularity. Feather weight is light, easy to go with the wind, when making should be the garment piece most sewed, leaving only the cashmere filling mouth to cashmere fillingTo prevent the wire from the eye of a needle in drilled down, the system when required to do 11 small-type needles. Uncoated fabric to be lined, chemical fiber paper.

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