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We all know there are no true weight loss foods (remember the old grapefruit diet?), but how you eat your food can make a difference.

 Cutting your food into smaller pieces can help you lose weight,Guest Posting according to a new study conducted at Arizona State University and presented at a conference in Zurich earlier this week.

It's well proven by other, earlier research that when we serve ourselves larger portions, we eat more food. Now, the size of each bite seems to make a difference too. In the study at Arizona State, the subjects were given a bagel to eat.

One group received an uncut bagel; the other group's bagels were cut into fourths. After they ate their bagels, each group was offered a meal, then researchers measured how much food had been consumed. Full-bagel subjects consumed more calories overall than the students who ate the cut-into-quarters bagels.

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Researchers at Arizona State theorize that eating smaller bites may contribute to a stronger feeling of satiety.

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So at your next meal, make good use of your knife and fork. And, if you're trying to lose weight, follow the other hallmarks of healthy eating. Control your portion size. Include nutrient-rich but not calorie-dense foods as a major portion of your diet, like whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Eat slowly and drink water with your meal to increase your feeling of fullness. Remember, it can take 20 to 30 minutes for the hunger hormones in your system to register satiety. Sadly, there are no guaranteed weight loss foods; but if you eat sensibly and sidestep temptation, the pounds will come off.

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