What Are the Benefits of a PHSP?

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Anyone who owns his or her own company--from those employing several individuals to a sole proprietorship with a staff of just one--really should consider a PHSP or Private Health Services Plan. This plan is different from a traditional type of insurance coverage but it does allow you to convert your health and dental expenses into tax-deductable expenses under the Canadian Income Tax Act. This occurs because the Act provides the option for employers to be able to complete these types of deductions as long as the payments are made through a recognized benefits plan.

There are several different terms used for a PHSP. These can include health trust,Guest Posting health spending accounts or a health and welfare trust. Depending on the company that is offering the plan the name and the features or benefits offered under the plan will vary. Many of the best plans offer a system where you actually pay-per-claim, without the need for monthly premiums. This allows businesses to save on those monthly premiums with no claims; it is truly a user friendly system with no hidden charges or costs, just a flat rate on each claim.

In essence a properly structured and administrated plan will allow you, as the employer, to be considered the insurer for your employees. As such you can reimburse them for their dental, medical and therapeutic claims providing these claims follow some very simple guidelines. If you are an employee of the company the same applies to your medical costs that are not covered by other insurance. Reimbursements that you make as the company are tax deductable and the employee's medical expenses will likewise be non-taxable. For sole proprietors and family owned businesses this is a true benefit for both the business owner and an employee of the business.

Another important feature of this type of plan is that they don't charge a monthly premium. This is very different from traditional insurance. Once you have applied for a plan and have been accepted, there is no waiting period to make a claim and you don't have to pay any ongoing fee to be able to submit a claim and receive a reimbursement. Instead these programs are designed to be user funded, in other words when you make a claim you play a very small administrative fee, with no other hidden or reoccurring costs. This means if you don't make a claim for a year, you have spent absolutely no money.

Benefits to a PHSP include a very simplified claims form process for what insurance companies may require. You can even use it to cover the difference between what the insurance company covers for dental, therapeutic or alternative types of treatments provided by a licensed medical professional. You don't need to have prior approval and you can submit claims up to the limits set out within the policy. Simple paperwork, lots of flexibility and the peace of mind to know that additional medical expenses won't be hanging over your head can really help in already challenging times.

Finding out about the benefits of a PHSP for your small or medium-sized business is well worth your time. The Internet provides basic information but you can also call in and speak with an agent or representative to make sure that you get all your questions answered before making your decision.

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