What is Infertility and Cause of Female Infertility

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These given points are some of the reasons why female infertility happens or why the chances of infertility increase. If you think that you are one of the infertility couples then visit the best test tube baby centre in Ahmedabad for your infertility treatment and only take treatment from the best IVF doctor only then you will be able to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Infertility issue is a reproductive system issue that causes childlessness because of infertility affects the natural pregnancy cycle. In simple words,Guest Posting you can consider infertility issues like an inability to get pregnant. And nowadays this issue is very common because not matte the age young to old couples are suffering from this issue. But don’t worry this can be treated with help of the best IVF doctor if you ever feel that you are suffering from infertility issue or with any reproductive issue then you should visit IVF doctor but first see how long have been trying to conceive baby before visiting IVF doctor because some couples need time to achieve pregnancy so at least try for 1 year to conceive baby with regular intercourse.


Cause of Female Infertility


As there are many factors that cause female infertility issues and if you think you have infertility issue then these are the given reasons. But there are only some important reasons that cause infertility issue and there can be more reasons for infertility issue only visit a doctor can give you real-time advice but if you see any of these factors in your daily routine or factors that affect you then there are chances that you are suffering from infertility issue.


Damaged Fallopian Tubes: - Fallopian tube is one of the reasons for infertility problems because fallopian tube carries eggs transferred these eggs into women’s uterus. Where the baby develops and if any case this tube is blocked or damaged then it is hard for couples to convince the baby.  


Overweight: - if anyhow you have gained a lot of extra weight then it can be a direct cause of infertility issue. Because when you are overweight then your production of hormonal levels decreases and the chances of pregnancy becomes very less also being too thin can also not help you in this try to focus on your (BMI) see how much weight you should gain or how much should you lose to get batter healthy body.


Age Factor: - As many couples know that in a certain age your hormonal level drops down and chances of pregnancy become very less as you grow older. If you see female infertility issue then it is found that as the women grow older the egg quality decreases also egg fertilization ability can also be affected becomes of age factors. But this cannot mean that you can’t become pregnant at an older age it is just your pregnancy chances become less and the pregnancy process becomes more complex.  


Family Medical History: - If you are young and healthy couples but still you are not able to conceive a baby then that means you got infertility related issues genetically ask your parents about this issue if they ever have infertility issues or any reproductive issue. If your parents confirm you about this issue then visit IVF doctor because only IVF specialists can properly conform to you about this problem.


Alcohol and Tobacco: - One of the most common reasons of infertility issue that affects reproductive health is alcohol and tobacco over 13% of infertility issue is caused by alcohol and tobacco because of these kind things effects reproductive system also there are very high chances of ovulation disorders in case you drink heavily.

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