What Is So Special About Organic Towels? Top 5 Organic Cotton Towels For You!

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What is so special about organic towels? Here are the all details about organic towels and find a list of the top five organic cotton towels for you. And know some tips before buying organic towels.

This topic is for those who believe in using products that are environmental friendly and buy products,Guest Posting keeping this thing in mind.


Today we will discuss some of the best organic towels that are great for your skin and environment as well. If you are someone who makes choices based on your overall health, and you will surely like the idea of organic towels.


And now it’s time to understand that what is so special about these organic towels, and what is so different about these towels than the other towels.


In today’s world, there are so many options available to buy whatever product you want, but there are not many that are considered to be eco-friendly.


This is also because even the consumer who is buying the product is not questioning anything. It is high time to question the packaging of the product and how the product is made and what are the ingredients used to make a product. Is there any reasonable eco-friendly substitute to use harmful products?


Let’s start with some points to keep in mind before buying a towel.


  1. It is better to choose a size 13” x 13” if you want to buy a towel just for your face.
  2. It is better to choose a size of 16” x 30” if you want to buy a towel for kitchen and washroom purpose.
  3. It is better to choose a size of 27” x 52” and 35” x 60” if you want to buy a towel for bathing purpose.


Also, you prefer a light towel it is better to go for bath sheets instead of bath towel, also bath sheets are easier to wrap around your body.


It is best to use clothes that are good for your skin, especially cotton-based clothes are good for our skin and help our skin to breathe. Even it is advisable to wear cotton clothes during summer and even while sleeping. Also, there are some benefits of sleeping on organic sheets, these organic sheets are really comfortable and surprisingly really durable.  



What About The Weight of a Towel?


The weight of a towel depends upon the density rating in grams per square meter (GSM). You can buy a towel from 300 to 900 GSM rating but, you should also know the difference behind this rating.


If you want to buy a towel for regular bathing purpose, it is better to choose a towel with a rating of 400 to 600 GSM. This type of towel has medium weight and such towels are good for regular bathing purpose.


On the other side, if you want to buy a towel for exercise and kitchen purpose, it is better to buy a towel with a rating of 300 to 400 GSM. These types of towels are lightweight and are more suitable for exercise and kitchen purpose.


Then, come towel with a rating of 600 to 900 GSM these type of towel are considered as luxury towels that you mainly find in big seven stars hotels.


These towels are thick, dense, and very absorbent. The problem is that such towels take more time to get dry. If you really need such a dense towel for everyday purpose, you may need to use a machine dryer for the everyday purpose not in summer but definitely in winters.


Here are Some Organic Towel Options:


  1. It is best to choose a cotton towel for everyday purpose, they are lightweight and above all such towels are moderately absorbent and soft for your skin.
  2. In case, you need a towel with more soft edges and durability it is better to choose Turkish cotton.
  3. Turkish towels are denser and more absorbent. Also, Turkish towels are good at locking moisture and warmth. You must have seen such towels in hotels and spas.
  4. Also, you will notice that the Turkish towel becomes even more soft and fluffy after washing.
  5. Then, comes the “Zero twist” cotton towel. These towels are expensive than the usual cotton towel. These towels are cotton-based, soft, fluffy, and lighter than the other cotton towels. If you travel a lot, you can choose such towels.


What are Ringspun Cotton and Combed Cotton?


  1. These towels are made with strong and long threads to make the towel more durable. Also, these towels do not form pills.
  1. Then, comes ringspun cotton towels these towels have a soft texture and are made of long-short fibers.


Select The Right Colour For Your Towel:


  1. If you want to buy some towel sets for your kitchen, you can choose a pattern and colors that are similar and compliments each other. 
  1. If you are confused, which color will suit your washroom, then it is best to go with white color because the white color goes with all sorts of colors.

It is best to always wash whatever cloth you buy from outside and then use that cloth. Also, if you want to wash your towel, do not use fabric softeners because these fabric softeners can make your towels hard and stiff with time.

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