Why Hypersensitive Skin Products Are Gentle On Skin With Allergies

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Individuals with skin conditions or skin that is prone to allergies should avoid chemical-based cosmetics. They should instead search for a range of hypersensitive skin products that are natural, calm and gentle on the skin.

Scented cosmetics and essential oils are made up of a variety of chemical compounds and thus trigger adverse reactions in those with hypersensitive skin. In order to avoid these adverse reactions,Guest Posting those with allergy-prone skin should follow a skincare regime comprising hypersensitive skin products which are fragrance-free.What is hypersensitive skin?People with hypersensitive skin cannot tolerate various environmental conditions or cosmetics that contain chemicals. Upon usage of these products their skin may thus suffer from multiple allergies or worsen chronic skin conditions they may already have (such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis.) If they continue to use every-day skin products which contain these harsh chemicals, then allergies and conditions will only worsen. If they begin to use hypersensitive skin products however, it is likely that conditions can be improved and allergic reactions avoided.Hypersensitive skin productsThese are scent-free skin products that are especially designed for those with hypersensitive skin. These hypersensitive skin products should be free from essential oils, added fragrances or scents and irritating substances. These irritants include sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), parabens, phthalates, ethyl alcohol and GMOs.Skin-care regime with hypersensitive skin productsA skincare regime with hypersensitive skin products is the same as any regime – just with gentler products. A standard skin care regime using hypersensitive skin products is shown below:1. Shower or bath with an organic base no scent shower gel.A scent-free shower gel formulated for hypersensitive skin should be used to start off the regime. It should contain natural products such as aloe vera and yucca, kind to ultra sensitive skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. A hypersensitive skin product like this should not contain sodium lauryl sulphate.2. Use an organic base no scent hand and body lotion whilst skin is still moist.Hypersensitive skin products like hand and body lotion should be rich in moisturising substances such as Omega 6 and fatty acids. With gentle and natural ingredients such as hemp, avocado and aloe vera, natural lotions should restore the skin's moisture whilst being non-greasy and easily absorbed. These products should also be completely free from any harsh ingredients such as petrochemicals or phthalates.3. Apply an organic base no scent deodorant to dry armpits.A deodorant that is part of the hypersensitive skin products will not use harsh ingredients like ethyl alcohol or parabens. It should be gentle on the skin, whilst also being effective in preventing bacterial growth. Deodorants with ingredients such as aluminium clog the skin, so it is best to stay away from these products. A no-scent deodorant with natural ingredients such as witch hazel, olive leaf or aloe vera however should be sought after.4. Cleanse the face and neck with an organic base no scent cleanser.When the body has been cared for with hypersensitive skin products it is essential to then target the neck and the face. Use fingertips to apply the facial cleanser in small circular movements and then wash off with warm water, or remove with tissue or cotton wool. Natural and gentle ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile should be in the hypersensitive skin product and not irritants such as emulsifiers or essential oils. Hypersensitive skin products specifically formulated for the face and neck should be ultra-gentle, leaving skin feeling smooth with its moisture balance retained. A facial cleanser formulated for hypersensitive skin should be gentle enough to act as a make-up/eye make-up remover as well.5. Finish by applying a no scent 24 hour fragrance-free facial moisturiser.As the last part of this skincare regime, the face should be moisturised with hypersensitive skin products. A face cream that can be used morning and night is preferable so that your skin can be fed with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients at all times. Mild ingredients like avocado or primrose will not irritate hypersensitive skin and will in turn boost its health. As with all other scent-free products, the moisturiser should be free from lanolin, petrochemicals and colourants.So, if you introduce hypersensitive skin products into your daily skincare regime, your skin should not experience any more allergic reactions. These products will also help calm skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

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