Cordless Drill - An Essential Woodworking Tool

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Cordless drill is one of the most important woodworking tool in woodworking and as you know, there are a variety of cordless drills available in  the market. There are cheap drills and there are also pro drills from makers such as Makita, DeWalt and Bosch. So which cordless drills you should really look for?

First and foremost,Guest Posting you should check out the Volts of the battery pack. The rule of thumb is this, the more Volts the battery pack has, the quicker the motor spins and the more torque the drill will provide. But, there is a downside to having more Volts, your cordless drill will be heavier. The point here is to use a tool which can ease your woodworking. Tool which is heavy and can make your woodworking miserable, might not be the best in your woodworking.


Apart from Volts, Ampere is also rather important. Ampere is measured in ampere per hour (Ah). The unit itself will give you an idea about how long the battery will last. There are 12 Volts battery with 1.8Ah and there are 12 Volts battery with 2.4Ah. Because of the Volts, both batteries will provide you the same torque or power, but the battery with 2.4Ah will last longer, about 30% more than the 1.8Ah battery. If you are looking forward to use your cordless woodworking tool for a longer period without recharging frequently, then a higher Ampere batteries are recommended.


Looking at Ampere and Volts, you must also comprehend the battery packs basic types which is available in the market. The standard or much older type, the Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), are much cheaper but they do not provide you much Ampere compared to the new type, the Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH). The Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs also have extra benefit in recharging because they will not lose power after being charged multiple times. With these advantages, the Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs is definitely more expensive, but they are great for your cordless woodworking tool.

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