Debunking the Myths About Digital Scrapbooks

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Many traditional scrapbookers resist the temptation to experiment with digital scrapping because of some prevalent myths about going digital. This article will debunk these notions and explain the advantages of dipping your toes in the digital scrapping world.

Digital Myth #1.

To create digital scrapbooks,Guest Posting I need to be a computer guru and learn complicated software.


Today's digital scrapbooking software is easier than ever to use- even for the amateur. Most programs offer free 30-day trial downloads, which is generally enough time to give it a try. And while it might take a little time to learn, you'll find that the endless array of beautiful, innovative scrapbook designs and photo collage frames is well worth the minimal effort.

Digital Myth #2.

My digital scrapbooks will look amateurish because I lack experience with them.


Even the beginner digital scrapper can produce professional-looking photo collages with the wide variety of easy-to-use scrapbook designs and collage frames available today. Electronically edited photos are of higher quality, computer text is consistently straight, and computer font is always legible. Generally, digital scrapbook pages look more professional than traditional creations and boost the pride scrappers feel in their projects.

Digital Myth #3.

Digital scrapbooking is more expensive than traditional scrapbooking.


By switching to digital scrapbook designs, you can actually save yourself money ... and time. If you already own a computer, all you need to buy is the scrapbook layout software and digital scrapbook kits, which are fairly inexpensive. The equivalent in paper, scissors, glue, embellishments and albums is far more expensive, and once you use them, they're gone. Digital scrapbook designs and collage frames, on the other hand, can be used indefinitely. Think of the money you'll save on gas driving to and from the craft stores, and the money you could save on gifts by giving personalized photo collages to friends and family.

Digital Myth #4.

Switching to digital scrapbook designs will limit my creativity.


You can take your creativity to exciting new levels with the variety of digital scrapbook designs and collage frames available now. Choose any design you like and turn it into just about anything you want. You can mix and match or create your own unique styles. Adjust the colors, sizes, patterns, arrangements ... add audio and even video... your options are limitless.

Digital Myth #5.

I don't have time to learn how to make digital scrapbooks.


Today's digital scrapbooking software programs are so user-friendly and intuitive that they make learning them a breeze. Once you get the hang of it, digital scrapbooking is a great timesaver. Correcting mistakes, editing, moving items around and revising are much easier and quicker to do digitally than they are by hand. You can size and resize your backgrounds and photo collage frames with a few simple mouse clicks and create beautiful keepsakes in no time.

Digital Myth #6.

I need to own a digital camera to create digital scrapbooks.


Even if you only have a film camera, you can still create digital scrapbooks by scanning your images onto a computer or having your film images put on a CD. And you can finally put to use those electronic photos your friends and family members have e-mailed to you. Of course, with today's digital camera prices going down all the time, you may find you'd like to buy a digital camera anyway!

Digital Myth #7.

If I move to digital scrapbooks, I'll have to give up the traditional art of scrapbooking and the social and bonding aspects that come with joining my friends and family in making scrapbooks.


On the contrary, digital scrapbooking broadens social circles. Many digital scrappers get together to share their digital resources and knowledge about editing programs. They go to scrapbook conventions and meet others in online digital scrapbooking chat rooms. Plus, you can take advantage of the digital scrapbook's ability to help you keep in touch with faraway friends and relatives via e-mail, Web sites and easily printed copies of scrapbook pages that you can mail to them. You can also burn them to CDs and DVDs.

Of course, you can still make traditional albums and consider integrating your digital scrapbook designs into them. And as you learn new techniques and tricks digitally, you're apt to spark your creativity with traditional scrapbooking.

You don't need to become an expert digital scrapbooker overnight. Start out small by making a simple digital photo album, then work your way up to a full-fledged scrapbook. Happy scrapping!

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