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With the bombardment of information surrounding the beloved Farmville game, sometimes the basics are overlooked. Here is a simple Farmville guide that begins from square one.

With the bombardment of information surrounding the beloved Farmville game,Guest Posting sometimes the basics are overlooked. Here is a simple Farmville guide that begins from square one.

Be Your Own Person When you first begin the game, you are asked to make an avatar that represents you. But fear not; you are not committed to keeping this original appearance. Clicking your character at any point allows you to change facial features, skin color, hair styles, and more.

Fallow Land is not Worthless Plowing fallow land costs 15 coins each time you harvest or create new farming areas, but you do gain one experience point each time you do so. Clicking the hoe icon or the multi-use arrow allows you to carry out this vital operation on your farm. Don’t be upset about a wasted 15 coins. They open the door to potential profit!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise Farming is hard work. But this is a Farmville guide, not our forefather's sole means of survival. Thankfully Farmville allows you to reap all the (virtual) benefits without the pesky bugs or destructive weather. Crops take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 days to fully grow. After they are grown, you have the same amount of time to harvest them before they start to wither. For example, a 2 hour crop takes 4 hours to wilt; a 1 day crop takes 2 days to wither. So plan ahead. If you don’t want to wake up early, don’t plant raspberries before bed.

Actions Speak Louder than Words No Farmville Guide is complete without giving you an edge up on the competition. Nearly every action earns you experience points, and racking up experience points allows you to move onto the next level where your market and gift options are widened. Each time you plow, plant, help neighbors, fertilize neighbor’s crops, harvest your own fertilized crops, purchase buildings and decorations, and receive a ribbon, you earn experience points.

Don’t Get Caught If you are like the average Farmville player, you’re checking on your crops during class, at work, or in the middle of the night. This Farmville guide keeps the repercussions of that at bay. The left side of the page has the options to mute the sounds and turn off the music. Having all the time in the world to play Farmville would be great, but getting fired from your job for neglecting duties is not the way to do it.

Bonus Tip: Click “My Neighbors” at the top of your page to see a list of your neighbors. It also lists your friends who are Farmville users but may not be your neighbor yet. Here you can request them to be your neighbor with ease and enjoy all the benefits that accompany a wide circle of friends.

Mastering the aspects of this Farmville Guide will provide you with the foundation for bypassing all your neighbors in no time.

Learn more about the Farmville Guide by clicking here.

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