Holbein Paintings from the 16th Century

Feb 3


Tom Gurney

Tom Gurney

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Read about the career of artist Hans Holbein.

Hans Holbein was one of the key painters from the 16th century and came from Germany,Holbein Paintings from the 16th Century Articles though much of his best work was completed in England where he develop strong connections with the aristocracy of that period which was built on his highly skilled portrait work.
This article looks deeply into the career of German painter Hans Holbein and considers which to be his best works of all, from a long list that stretches the full length of his career. Hans is known as the younger as his father of the same birth name was actually also a painter, though their styles were somewhat different.
There has been a growing interest in recent years in Hans holbein painting reproductions as a result of the ease at which customized copies can be bought online from a variety of websites. The artist's popularity has grown by the fact that there are so many publications on his work as well as frequent exhitions in both the UK and Germany. The best type of reproduction for this type of artist would have to be a framed giclee print.
Artist Holbein experimented with several different portrait styles including classic head shots as well as some fuller length pieces which captured several people together in poses which were set up to put each person in the best light possible, sometimes fitting in with their daily jobs as seen with the Ambassadors. Besides the Henry VIII series of portraits there was also work with some of his many wives such as Jane Seymour and members of the Government who were close to the King.
We can conclude that Hans Holbein remains a much loved artist and his reputation was always likely to remain strong because of the historical importance of several of his portrait paintings that captured key figures such as Henry viii. You will find paintings such as the Henry viii portrait plus the ambassadors in major national art galleries where they remain a major draw. The National Gallery in London, UK holds several of the artist's best pieces within an overall collection that is amongst the best in the world, making it a great place to visit for any art fan. The fact that so many of Holbein's paintings remain in the UK underlines the importance of this German's career in that country and his link to the Henry VIII reign ensures his name will remain in the public eye for many years to come.