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This article is for anyone interested in playing Mega Man 2 online free or finding out more background information about the Nintendo Nes Game. It was remade in Mega Man Anniversary because of the rarity of the Nes game.

This articles is for anyone interested in playing Mega Man 2 for the Original Nintendo Nes online. The Playstation Anthology version has no difficulty selection on the title screen and is missing the nostalgic 8-bit feel. It was the first sequel in the Mega Man series and the first Mega Man game to feature Rush his mechanical dog in it.

It had 8 solid bosses in the beginning not even mentioning the Dr. Wily stages. Quick Man's stage is debated by Nintendo fans as one of the hardest stages in the Nintendo Nes Mega Man series. The only difference between Normal and Hard difficulties in Mega Man 2 is the damage Mega Man takes when hit. It is very challenging especially for the Dr. Wily stages.

The first generation of the Mega Buster was also feature by Heat Man's Atomic Fire ability. Mega Man can charge his Atomic Fire which awfully resembles the Mega Buster except a blue shot instead of red. It is an overall solid Mega Man game which is often searched for online due to the rarity of the Nes game.

People have trouble either finding the Nes game or getting the game/console to work. The Nes consoles and games act like magnets to dust which causes problems. The dust can be cleaned with an Computer Air Spray to clean computer air vents. It makes the Nintendo a lot easier to get working with only a few tries. Since Mega Man 2 was released in July 1989 it is very unlikely to see except for online. This is one of the reasons why Nintendo started releasing their Nes titles on Nintendo Wii Shop.

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