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So you want to become a successful coin collector. Well you have some simple concepts that you must learn in order for you to become a good coin collector, and let’s face it, if you don't learn some key rules for collecting coins, you are not going to enjoy collecting coins.

•Well I would say that EDUCATION would be the most important factor for anyone to be a successful coin collector. Learn as much as you can about this wonderful hobby. Buy as many books and reading material on all aspects of coin collecting that you can get your hands on. This may even include subscribing to a few coin collecting magazines like Coin World. There are many online organizations,Guest Posting some listed on this site, and you can read about just about anything that there is to know about the hobby of collecting coins. •Learn to be a coin collector. A true collector collects coins for the right reasons. It is what he loves, it’s a true passion for him. It is what interests them the most and they study the market and learn what it is they are purchasing. Most collectors build collections for not only the feel of the hobby, but to make money as well. A true collector is building an investment and knows what he wants out of his collection. •Make sure you know where to get the information you need to succeed in hobby. Coin magazines, brokers, and newsletters in the hobby are a great way to keep up with what is going on in the coin industry. In my opinion the greatest place to find information on the coins that you are looking to collect are from dealers and other collectors. Working with your local coin dealer, who is established and well informed would be one of your greatest relationships that you will have in your hobby. •Another asset in coin collecting is learning to grade your coins. Knowing how to grade coins will not only help you purchase your coins more accurately, but it will help you to identify with your coins to know their true grade and getting a better understanding of what your coins are worth. Lots of money is spent on purchasing coins without the knowledge of knowing what the true grade of the coin is. The coin collector assumes the person or dealer that he is buying the coin from is knowledgeable himself and trust him. This is not a very trusting practice, and in the end it could result in your spending lots of money on your coin collection.•In the hobby of coin collecting, you will learn patience. Coin collections are built over many years, and beginner collectors will most often rush into collecting coins, with out learning the hobby first. This is a long term hobby, and some of the best and successful coin collectors are collectors having 10+ years under them. If you are planning on collecting coins for profit. It is advisable to buy your coins with the intention that you are going to keep them for at least 10 years. This will insure that you will get a reasonable return on your coins.•Having long and short term goals is the key to being successful in anything that you do. Well this holds true with coin collecting. Make sure you know what, where, how, and when, when it comes to coin collecting. Knowing your goals will help you become a successful coin collector and make your hobby more enjoyable.

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