10 Best Reasons to Have A Home-Based Business

Oct 14


Laurie Hayes

Laurie Hayes

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Why’s running a home-based business such a big deal and attracting more people every year? Times are changing and there’s simply no better way to meet those changes in values, economies and lifestyle. Here are the top 10 reasons why home-based business is becoming bigger and better than ever.


What's the big hullabaloo about having a home-based business? Why would anyone want to put all the risk on their own shoulders,10 Best Reasons to Have A Home-Based Business Articles work harder than they ever had to for someone else and seemingly fly by the seat of their pants, not knowing what the future holds?

Well, for some, it's the only way to live and what looks like a really bad choice to some, is highly appealing to others.

For those of you who dream of having your own home business, this will make total sense. For those of you who don't, that's okay too. Just understand that to some people these are the most basic needs in their life.

1. Freedom. You choose who you work with, your environment, your hours of work, duties performed, how you'll do them and what you believe you're worth.

2. Financial control. You decide what you earn. You decide what you spend. You might use your vehicle less and save on fuel and insurance. There may no longer be a need for day care, tailor-made suits, dry cleaning, or costly lunches.

You control your advancement and no longer have to worry about being passed over for promotions, down-sized, sitting on picket lines, or being laid off.

3. Tax benefits. When you work a j-o-b, you pay tax on your entire earnings. When you run your own home-based business you pay tax on the difference between what you make and what you spend. You get to deduct a percentage of home expenses and possibly vehicle expenses before paying taxes. The benefits are enormous and this is where you want to seek the input of a good accountant.

4. Leverage. By taking advantage of either network marketing or creating multiple streams of income for your business, you can benefit by using technology and the efforts of others. Instead of sentencing yourself to life at a j-o-b for 30-40 years, you choose to do five to seven years of hard labor and enjoy the rest of your life living off your efforts.

5. Increased productivity. Without bosses bogging you down with bureaucratic paperwork, unproductive meetings and time-wasting tasks, you get more done in four hours than you used to in ten. The sensation of real progress is palpable and drives you forward faster.

6. Personal growth. Your confidence and decision-making skills grow with each new experience. You surround yourself with like-minded people who inspire and encourage you to play a bigger game and step outside of the status quo. When you're on your death bed, you happily say, "I followed the beat of my own drum and it was worth every minute." 

7. Love what you do. Be on purpose. You'll never meet someone who does what she loves complaining about it. She radiates joy, enthusiasm and excitement about what lay ahead. When you love what you do, you jump out of the bed in the morning, wanting to hit the floor running. Time stands still because it ceases to exist when you're doing what you love. You look at the clock and wonder where the day went.

8. Reduced stress. Increased happiness. You have full control over how you conduct business and when you're doing what you love, surrounded by people who inspire and support you, bad stress falls by the wayside. No more headaches, doctor's visits or anti-anxiety medication. 

9. Time with family and pets. No more guilt around not being a good mom, dad or care-taker for your parents because you're there for them when they need you. And where else can you work with your pet by your side, at your feet, or on the windowsill watching you?

10. No more commuting. No more scraping snow off the windshield in 30-below weather, being cut-off by stressed out drivers, stuck in rush hour traffic, or paying parking fees only to find your parking spot taken.

Having a home business is an attractive option for many people, especially those who value freedom, creativity and growth. It might be perfect as a full-time commitment or part-time venture. Either way, its rewards far outweigh any disadvantage.

If you're already a home business owner, Congratulations! If you're thinking about it, jump right in. The water's fine and it's the best place in the world to be.

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