86400 Seconds a Day

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'86400 Seconds A Day'By Jordan ... is a bit like money, you have to spend it ... what you had today? It's the same as what you had the day before, and I ... you will get the s

'86400 Seconds A Day'
By Jordan Francis

"Time is a bit like money,Guest Posting you have to spend it wisely".

Guess what you had today? It's the same as
what you had the day before, and I guarantee
you will get the same tomorrow. As you may
have already guessed from the title alone...

You got 86400 seconds.

Whether it's work or in front of the telly, you
WILL spend that time.

It does not matter whether you chat to your
friends, or eat your food, or stare in to space.
Those 86400 seconds will count down regardless.

You can't save 'time' up and spend it another
day - you can't have more than 86400 seconds in
one day. You can't pause it, and you can't avoid it!

The time you had yesterday is now gone - you will
never be able to spend that time again, ever.

If it's in the past, then it has vanished. Only the
present time can you use, the rest you either
plan for or you reflect on.

Wouldn't it be nice to reflect on time well spent?

"You can't control time, but you can control what
you do within time..."

Succeeding in any thing in life including business
online relies heavily on 'time', and how efficiently
you use it.

I used to spend every available minute online
learning what I could, setting up sites, writing
sales copy and editing autoresponder's.

I spent an unhealthy amount of time working and
I will tell you now - It was not worth it! My health
suffered, and although I did learn a lot, I could
have learned even more if I had spent my time
more efficiently.

Setting yourself a specific amount of time to do
something can be very rewarding, like giving yourself
one hour tonight to work on your business, instead of
just working and finding yourself half awake at
3 in the morning, wondering why you are so tired.

But that's not all you should do. You should also set
yourself specific goals to achieve within your time

You need to 'cut' yourself time AND set goals to
achieve within that time, to make efficient use of
those valuable seconds.

One without the other is pointless.

Time + no set goals = Failure.
Set goals + no time = Failure.
Time plus set goals = Success!

If we don't have set goals and set time periods
in which to do them, we would be lucky at best to
get results.

Spend those 86400 seconds wisely!

Think of it as 'flex' time. Rough estimates are good,
like the odd half an hour here and a couple of hours
there sort of thing.

In future, set yourself specific goals which you want
to attain, and give yourself a time period to do it in.

This will speed you to success!

By: Jordan Francis

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