Easy Newsletter Promotion Ideas

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Easy Newsletter Promotion Ideas
by BB Lee (C)2004

Newsletter promotion is the next step after you've drafted an
outline of your publication and established a distribution

Newsletter promotion is easy if you use these low cost ways or
no cost ways to promote online.

Let's closely examine a few popular "no cost ways" to promote!

1. Classifieds
Online Free Classified Pages are an easy way to get started.
Most classifieds posted online are visited by business owners
promoting their own products but a few curious lookers will
surely click your link and subscribe to your newsletter.
When posting to classified pages click
any links that interest you. See how the writer further
promotes his service. This is a good way to learn further
promotional techniques.
Visit This Site:

Another good way to promote is to subscribe to newsletters
that offer their subscribers free ads to promote their
products and services for as long as they are subscribed
to the publications. This is a good deal for you and the
publisher. The publisher raises his subscriber count.
And you are able to promote with
out cost.

2. Link Exchanges
If you have a website,Guest Posting exchange links with other website
owners. This is an easy, no cost, promotion idea, that works.

3. Banner Exchanges
Surf to google or yahoo type "banner exchange" into the
search engine box. Visit the top links and examine their
programs for pertinent
details. Join the one's that meet your criteria.

4. Ad Swaps
Contact other ezine owners with a similar publication. Ask
if they would like to swap ads with you. This translates to
exchanging ads of similar lengths in designated publications.

5. Give Aways
Announce to your readers or advertise giveaways in exchange for
subscribing to your ezine. Give away an ebook you've composed,
a report or even software.

Don't have anything to give away?

Surf to a few of the fr**bie sites to collect fr**bies you
can give away to new subscribers.

6. Search Engines
Register your ezines website with all the major search engines.
Here are sites that will promote to search engines for fr**:


7. Ezine Directories
Next, list your new newsletter with the top directories. Most
of these directories are searchable and list various categories.
This is the place to look when you want to swap ads with a
similar publication too.

Here are a few:


8. Write Articles
Write articles that your targeted audience will find informative
or useful. If you've never written articles before, don't worry!
Simply write down a few topics that you have knowledge about.
Write as if you are taking to a friend. In a casual manner. Clean
up the spelling and grammar. Submit to several article directories.
Here's a few:


These easy promotion ideas will help you to establish your
newsletter online fast!

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