Find your perfect property in Turkey

Oct 28


Innes Donaldson

Innes Donaldson

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Find your perfect property in Turkey. Simply take note of the advice we will offer in how you can be go about buying the perfect dream property in this ever popular and aspiring region.


Making the decision to buy a property in Turkey of course needs a fair degree of thought and planning. While you may already be familiar with buying property here in the UK,Find your perfect property in Turkey Articles the process in Turkey is completely different, not least where their purchasing processes and laws are concerned.

Well established in this market, at Spot Blue International, we will offer all of the necessary advice, walk all our customers through the process, and we can also offer key advice on where may be best to purchase based on the exact requirements of our clients. This is literally our main market in which we deal with in the sale of property in the region. With this, we are well connect with all of the key players which which will make for a smooth and straightforward transaction

Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey

If you have already visited Turkey, you may know where you want to buy a property. If you have not, there are numerous areas with impressive portfolios of apartments and villas for you to choose from. One aspect to be aware of, though, is the prices do vary from region to region. For example, a brand new 2-bedroom apartment in Kalkan will start at around £90,000 pounds whereas a brand new 2-bedroom apartment in the resort of Fethiye will cost half that amount.

Certain areas of Turkey have also become highly popular with foreign buyers, thanks largely to their excellent infrastructure, easy access to airports and western feel. Many of these areas are concentrated in Istanbul and along the Aegean and western coasts.

Bodrum too is another area which has long been known for its sailing as well as luxurious real estate. This cosmopolitan destination is a favourite for westernised natives as well as tourists coming from far and wide. The peninsula is serviced by its own airport and to buy property here, it has the benefit of a large and wide ranging span of properties for sale across a wide price range.

Another area, as mentioned previously, is Fethiye. This peninsula has seen a real upturn in fortunes in recent times as this area of the Turkish riviera has become more developed. It has an an impressive shopping and lifestyle entertainment feel. When it comes to buying property here, it offers excellent value for money.

Working out where to buy will be a personal choice. Your choice may be dictated and directed by whether you’re buying a holiday home for yourself abroad, an investment property to rent to the tourism market or a home for you to move to live in Turkey.