How to choose the perfect tapestry for a curtain

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If you've struggled with finding the right wall Curtains decor for your space, you may want to consider using a tapestry Curtains instead of a traditional painting or photograph. Tapestry Curtains can make a great addition to your home decor, so they're worth checking out.

Long gone are the days when people used tapestries as rugs only,Guest Posting nowadays they make great pieces of wall art that can transform any dull space into a lively and cozy one. This makes them the perfect choice of curtains when moving to a new home or apartment for those who want a unique personal touch to the new space. However, buying the wrong tapestry can have the opposite effect of making your home look horrible. You should therefore strive to know the right factors to consider in order to make the right choices. Some tips that can help you include:

Choosing the best fabric

Tapestries come in different types of fabric ranging from light to heavy. These have different duration periods making it easier to pick one according to how long you want them to last. This can also affect how good they look since those that are too heavy may not hang proper and may have a problem when you draw them. 

Considering the window location

Even high quality fabrics get affected by direct sunlight after a certain period. It’s therefore important to consider how much the sun reflects on the window and the curtain when making a choice. Avoid buying light tapestry curtains for windows most likely to get too much sun as well as those of low quality that can fade fast.

Considering the window size

Although different types of tapestries come in different sizes, finding the perfect fit for your window may still be difficult, especially for too large windows or tiny ones. You can therefore opt to have one customer made for you so it doesn’t overlap or leave spaces. Finding someone to custom make them for you isn’t difficult since different brands such as mandala curtains always compete with each to satisfy customer’ needs. You can even find someone online and send the right measurements together with the type of design you want and it will be delivered once finished.


Hippie curtains are some of the tapestry curtains that are very easy to maintain in terms of washing and durability. Still, this is a major factor to consider when making a choice since how frequently you intend to wash your curtains and the mode of cleaning you’ll be using matter. The tapestry you choose should depend on whether you intend to hand wash, dry clean or machine wash it frequently. 

The design and color

The rest of your home decoration plays a big role in your choice of curtain since they should be a perfect blend. These types of tapestry curtains usually have different patterns and colors so finding one most suitable should be easy.


Finding hippie curtains online is easy just like other types of tapestries in different online stores. Remember there are many uses of these pieces, all of which work towards improving your home. Choose any design that suits your comfort from the many that are available especially on online stores. Make sure you get the value for your money by getting great quality that you can use together with your creativity to make amazing pieces of art.

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