Integrated Dishwasher Saves Money and Time

Oct 20




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Many people, when looking at the cost of a new integrated dishwasher wonder if the convenience offered by never having to do dishes by hand again is r...

Many people,Integrated Dishwasher Saves Money and Time Articles when looking at the cost of a new integrated dishwasher wonder if the convenience offered by never having to do dishes by hand again is really worth the cost of the machine.  When considering dishwasher strictly from the angle of cost, a consumer needs to remember why a good machine can save you money in the end, often enough to pay for its own cost.  
Reduced Costs of Energy and Water
Machine washing of dishes requires less water and less energy to clean dishes than the cost to do so manually, provided it is used properly.  This involves selecting an energy efficient machine and running it only when full unless the machine offers a half-load setting.  In addition, your dishes are cleaner than if done by hand, and in most cases, there will be less loss due to accidental breakage than when attempting to pick up a wine glass with wet and soapy hands.
A Waterwise study conducted in 2006 shows that a dishwasher requires only 12 litres of water per load while hand washing requires five times as much.  Assuming the machine is used 3-4 times weekly, the savings are substantial, especially if one includes the energy needed to heat water to ensure all the sticky food is removed from the plates. 
This means the dishwasher is not only more economical to operate than hand-washing, but if the machine is used correctly, it is more ecological.  To achieve the greatest savings, the dishwasher should be energy efficient and sized to meet the household needs, as using a machine that is half empty is an extremely inefficient in both water and energy consumption.
Reduced Detergent Use
Although this is largely dependant on the method used in washing dishes, dishwashers usually require less detergent to complete the task than a human does, and the dishes and glasses are left shining.  Just add a simple tablet and the job is done, in comparison to using a liquid detergent for manual cleaning.
Additional Free Time 
For many, time is money.  With the use of an integrated dishwasher, you have more free time to spend doing money producing tasks.  If manual washing of dishes takes an hour or longer, that is time you could have spent earning cash instead or time you could have had done something you enjoy.  If you hire others to clean for you, the dishwasher is even more important, as you will be paying them for a good deal of time required to clean your kitchen.