Make Money at Home Online - 6 hot Tips to get Targeted Traffic.

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A site without traffic is like a chocolate teapot, it’s useless! You need a steady stream of ready to buy traffic hitting your site if you are going to make money. Here are a few useful techniques that will drive that money laden traffic to your door.

1. First up,Guest Posting get seen. You need to submit your website to the search engines and directories if people are to find you when they go looking for information that you have. This also means you have to optimize your site for the keywords and meta tags your potential customers are putting in for their searches.

2. Once you are visible then you can use paid advertising like PPC (Pay Per Click). The way this works is you sign up for Google Adwords, search for keywords on their keywords search tool and once you have a list of keywords you simply bid on them. If you are successful your ad will appear on the first few pages for that search term. You do not pay unless someone clicks on your site so make sure your ad is as niche specific as possible. That’s as targeted as it gets!

3. Next you can write articles and have them published in ezines. There are many to choose from. This gives you the opportunity not only to present salient facts  but also gets you valuable back-links by using anchor text at the end in the resources box. This is possibly the best free way to get traffic, improve your SEO ranking and make money at home online.

4. You can do the same thing when you publish articles on other peoples website’s. Make your article snappy and interesting. You need to bait the hook well if you are going to ‘sell the click’ and get them to visit your site.

5. Another way to make money at home online is ’banner advertising’. You can do this in ezines or again on other people site’s. As with all advertising most people need to see it several times before the message sinks in and they decide to give it a try so you need to run campaigns. Do not just do a single insertion and then get disappointed when it does not bring the hoped for traffic. As with all paid advertising you need to ‘track it and tweak it’ to find out what produces results.

6. Lastly you can also place ads on other websites. Some will charge to display on their sites and others will simply do a like for like swap. It’s all down to your negotiating skills.

A solid approach is to use a combination of all of the above. Good luck and remember….

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve; The Fear of failure.”  Paulo Coelho

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