Plastic wood aluminum co-extrusion composite wood doors and windows

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 Plastic wood aluminum co-extrusion composite doors and windows

According to statistics,Guest Posting the heat transfer through doors and windows accounts for more than 20% of the total energy consumption in traditional buildings, and the heat loss of windows accounts for more than 20% of the total energy consumption 20% of the total energy consumption of buildings after the thermal resistance of the insulation materials is increased. Therefore, it is very important to develop energy-saving windows and doors.


The existing plastic wood profile has good decorative properties, good thermal insulation properties, but the strength is not high, aluminum alloy profile has high strength, poor decorative properties, poor thermal insulation performance, aluminum plastic co-extrusion profile, the two materials have a large difference in linear expansion coefficient, large gap after thermal expansion and cold shrinkage and single color. And plastic wood aluminum co-extrusion composite profile and aluminum alloy profile combination doors and windows, including frames, fans, and supporting profiles, accessories. Outdoor aluminum alloy profile and indoor plastic wood aluminum co-extrusion profile through triangular clasp bite, mechanical extrusion. Plastic wood-aluminum co-extrusion profile is made up of internal aluminum core profile and plastic wood profile wrapped in the outside. Sex. When making doors and windows, aluminum alloy profile and plastic wood aluminum co-extrusion profile all have cavity, through aluminum alloy angle code group angle connection, the connection strength is high; compatible with aluminum alloy high strength advantage and plastic wood profile good heat preservation, improve the insulation performance of the whole door and window profile, increase the indoor decoration and reduce the cost. Generous appearance: The surface of the plastic wood aluminum profile is covered with decorative film which is useful for outdoor. It has the texture and appearance of all kinds of valuable wood. The film is suitable for high humidity, high radiation, high corrosion, cold and high temperature, etc. The surface of wood grain is natural and smooth, many kinds of faces Color can be chosen, luxury sense gives us the space to live in a natural atmosphere.


New design: plastic wood aluminum composite door and window profile is the plastic wood and aluminum alloy mechanical press together to form two kinds of material performance advantages of environmental protection composite material, can make super solid wood appearance of high-grade doors and windows, and high-grade buildings complement each other. Such doors and windows can be inlaid on the exterior surfaces of a variety of buildings: from beautiful and elegant villas to modern business buildings; from antique old buildings to redecorating, to green grass garden sunshine room, you can choose the most suitable, the most matching color and style, set off more pleasant. Energy-saving and environmental protection: plastic wood-aluminum composite window is a low-carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving door and window replacement Generation products, its high thermal insulation performance can increase indoor temperature in winter more than 5 degrees, reduce the cost of air conditioning in summer. Even buildings within 50 meters on both sides of the expressway and main road are quiet and can not hear noise. Close to the window office or rest, nor because of the window heat conduction, feel any uncomfortable. More than the national standard sealing performance, blocking dust and germs, to create a clean environment for us. Human standards for living space, more and more high requirements, in addition to high performance, high standards of heat preservation, heat insulation, air tightness, watertightness, wind pressure resistance, but also more and more pursuit of decorative doors and windows, energy saving. Sex, environmental protection. Plastic wood aluminum composite wood doors and windows wood grain surface to make interior decoration more harmonious and warm.

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