Things you should know about air conditioning.

Nov 6


Tuffs Sain

Tuffs Sain

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An Air conditioner can be one of the most valuable accessories for your house, as it’s one of the best cooling appliances that can turn out to be real handy at the time of summer.

Before installing an air conditioner,Things you should know about air conditioning.  Articles you need to know crucial things about air conditioning.

Air Conditioners are mainly used to keep the atmosphere of homes, clean and fresh, but it would be a surprise to know that Air Conditioners consume more energy than heaters. Air conditioners work on two motors one is used for compressor and the other one for the fan. AC units work on the same principle as a refrigerator, and it generates fresh invigorating air.

Air Conditioners have built in filters that trap the dust and makes air dust free. It’s highly critical to clean the filters on a regular basis; else it invites other types of allergies such as cold and cough. Although AC units seems to be a boon to asthmatic patients, but it can be dangerous at the same time if filters aren’t clean for more than 25-30 days. If the filter of this cooling unit isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, it can consume more power and generate poor air quality and shortens the life of the system.


AC units reduce the water vapor in the air turning them into liquid water; this method is responsible for lowering humidity in the homes. AC units are made up of system coils that are responsible for evaporation and condensation and generates refreshing breeze into rooms. Most of the peoples have misconception that they need to keep the temperature on a higher level in order to cool the atmosphere. But once the temperature is set to a higher level, it consumes more power to cool the room. Once the area is chilled, then setting the temperate at a high level can save energy. Leaking ducts in a room needs to be properly checked, in order to save on utility bills as 15 to 20 percent of fresh air gets leaked up direct from leaking duct.

 One of the simplest measures that need to be taken to reduce the expenditure on utility bills is, to make sure that direct sunlight doesn’t register in room. Direct Sunlight needs to be avoided to enter the room, air conditioning units that are placed in rooms that have direct sunlight consumes 5 percent more electric power than rooms in a shady place.

There are different types of air conditioning machines available in the market such as:

Window Air Conditioners
Split Air Conditioners
Floor Standing Air Conditioners
Inverter Units
Cassette AC unit
Portable Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are noisier than split and other air conditioners. Window AC units are cost effective than Split air conditioning units. These were the basics that you need to know about air conditioning. Air conditioners offer significant benefits to people’s during the summer. A room with fabulous decoration could be a sanctuary, but it can be difficult to sleep if your room is too hot. Air conditioners are fantastic investment for homes and must be considered for yourself and your family members for healthy living. Feel Free to let me know your comments and ideas on this article.