May 12


Tukshad Engineer

Tukshad Engineer

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I’d like to begin with a question – and I’ll bet the answer is going to surprise you (it sure did surprise me!). Q. What ... of the worlds ... do you think is online? A. Under 1%! Just


I’d like to begin with a question – and I’ll bet the answer is going to surprise you (it
sure did surprise me!).

Q. What percentage of the worlds population do you think is online?

A. Under 1%!

Just think about that for a second – 99% of the world haven’t even gotten online yet.
And yet the internet is already making some people – not large companies,WHY EBAY IS THE BEST PLACE TO MAKE YOUR FIRST $1000 ONLINE Articles but
individuals like you and me – a FORTUNE. Don’t for a minute think that this
happens easily – it takes time to find your own little niche online, to develop and
perfect it – but it’s something you can do on a total shoe-string budget, and over
time anyone that really wants to can carve out a nice little earning online. And looking
at the bigger picture, as more and more of the worlds population comes online,
imagine how successful your business will become as your potential customers grow
by leaps and bounds, every single year.

Earning online is really quite beautiful when you think about it – here’s a chance for
ANYONE with a PC and internet connection to plug in and start making
money…enough to pay your bills, sure – but in some cases much more. And lets not
forget the comfort factor – your own hours, not having a boss to answer to, not
having to travel and more time with loved ones…. the list is endless.

Ok so what does this mean for you? For those of you still trying to take that first
step, today’s newsletter is all about trying to get you to think about ways of starting
online. And if you cant find something then I’m going to suggest to you a proven way
of making a money online, quickly.

The one question I get asked a lot is ‘What’s the best way to start an online
business?’ Now while I do have my own website which now brings in most of my
online income, I still believe by far the quickest and easiest way to earn money online
is by selling on ebay. That’s how I first started, and I still do post at auctions to
squeeze money whenever I feel like it. The reason I moved into selling on websites is
because I’m lazy and don’t like making trips to the post office J . But if you’re
starting out online, ebay is by far the BEST and QUICKEST way of making money

Think of these facts – ebays gets a whopping 9000 new customers signing up every
day and gets 1.5 billion page views every month. And for a few pennies, you can
promote your product to literally an endless source of customers – see that’s the
great thing about ebay…they GIVE you the traffic that would be very difficult and
expensive to get by yourself. All you do is plug in your advert click on send and a
week or so later collect money from your customers.

Of course there is a right way and a wrong way of selling on ebay too – You need
to know what to sell. You need to create powerful interesting adverts. You need to
devise a strategy – and above all you need to find really good wholesalers for selling
your products. But let me tell you, one of the sweetest feelings I’ve ever experienced
was winning my first ebay auction – I may have made a lot of mistakes to get there,
but once I perfected my techniques and found the best wholesalers I started to win
auction after auction.

To check out quality wholesalers that can make you a tidy profit on ebay check out
the below:




http://www.global-ebooks.com/UKGovAuctions.htm (government auctions)

OK so there you have it – a sure-fire way of starting out online with minimal risk and
funds. If you’ve never explored the wonders of ebay, please PLEASE do so – go
and find 5 items you don’t need and sell them on ebay - what the hell, come round
to my house and take stuff if you want! ….It could be the start of a wonderful and
profitable adventure!

Till next time,

Tukshad Engineer.

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