7 Steps to Optimize Google My Business (GMB) Listing for Roofing Companies

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When it comes to getting the best out of Google My Business, you need to optimize your GMB profile by adding all the relevant information about your business including who you are, what products and services you sell, where’s your location, and your website’s URL, among others.

This is important to make sure that Google understands your business well and sends relevant leads and prospects to your profile and website.

In this article,Guest Posting we’ll delve deeper into Google My Business and discover some more optimization steps along the way. In our last blog, we discussed how GMB spam can cost you thousands of dollars.

Let’s take a look at this real-life example of Roof Crafters directly retrieved from their roofing CRM, SSA.

As you can see in the image above, there is a lead coming from their GMB listing. This was for a coating job on storage units. But, they would have easily lost this lead to a spammer if they wouldn’t have claimed their GMB listing on time. As a roofing company, you just cannot afford to lose this free traffic of high-value leads that are already in the buying mode.

Now it’s Your Turn

There you have it – some of the important steps you can use right away to optimize your GMB profile. Make sure you implement each one of these steps while creating your listing. We assure you that these simple steps can help you get a consistent flow of new leads and sales every month. Give us a call today to know how you can boost your sales and leads by implementing time-tested digital marketing strategies.


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