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It is really hard to answer the question: Which floor is better? Do you want to have quality floors and more? The flooring is different, differing from each other not only by outward. Speaking about other characteristics, the floors are different by decorations, price, life cycle and set of positive and negative features. Sometimes, it is very important to find the best floor covering.

Easy to Start

The floor coverings can be divided into several groups: wooden floor (parquet,Guest Posting hardwood floor, massive hardwood floor, cork), elastic floor (synthetic covering, linoleum, caoutchouc covering), ceramic and stone floor. Which of them is the best for you?

Wooden Covering for Quality Floors and More

So, if you prefer ecologic clean wooden covering, try to make the floor absolutely safety. There is mass of natural oils and safety lacquers that a maximally safe for wooden covering. Thus, try to choose professional two-component covering for wooden floors. They are naturally colored to be the professional clear base - water wear resistant.

Natural Linoleum

It is time to use everything ecologic and safe. Speaking about flooring, natural linoleum is almost 100% ecological clean covering. You will be surprised by its many-years history. The main advantages of linoleum floor are natural components, antistaticity, fire-safety, hardness, strength, variety of designs. The useful life is about 40 years. This kind of covering must be fixed to the floor by means of mechanic and glue measures. To avoid deformation, it is better to use special glue based on polymeric materials.

Hardwood Floor

This kind of flooring is widely used to cover the floor of different categories. Massive hardwood floor is different from the usual hardwood type just by its special manufacturing nuances and fixtures. It makes covering easy to use. Thus, hardwood floor has minimum three layers: decorative and elegant layer, water and wear resistant layer and soft and warm layer. Different kinds of hardwood covering have different prices. Of course, natural covering needs more money.

Which variant to choose? Hardwood floor is worth your money. There is one more amateur variant: you can buy wooden boards and order to process them according to your taste. This is usually called an individual order. As you can see, the individual order is not cheap.

Cork Floorings are Different!

Meet natural cork flooring! Actually, this is the tree bark, having unique characteristics. The cork structure looks like cells, filled with oxygen and azote. There is nothing else, but clean and warm surface. It is a real pleasure to step the cork floor: soft, warm, textured. Nevertheless, the cork covering must be carefully glued on the floor. It is time to get a competent consultation of one or another agency to choose the best glue on natural safety base.

Bamboo Flooring

What a modern specification! There is a material that is cleaner and more safety than wooden floor. It is all about bamboo. This kind of bamboo is specially grown for making good floor covering. The tree needs about 2 months to grow up. It is really short time to sponge toxins and other harmful elements out of the ground. Thus, bamboo floor is considered to be the best material from the point of view of safety environment to live in.

Bamboo parquet looks perfect. It is absolutely safe for your family. Thus, it consists of bamboo textures. They are light and strong at the same time. Bamboo floor is easy to use and easy to take care of. Pay attention to special laquer layer. Different manufacturers use different materials to cover the bamboo wood stick. You need the best.

One more thing of eco-design topic - bamboo carpeting. The carpet, made of bamboo materials, is pleasant to touch. What is more, bamboo carpets have a unique ability to regulate microclimate in your room. It is always dry and warm. Do not forget about the bamboo antibacterial characteristics: more than 70% of harmful bacterial are destroyed every day. This is the top originality and the best safety measure!

Vinyl Flooring: No Smell No Dust

Vinyl floor, for example, is not considered to be the best natural covering. It is really ecologic at that. The floor does not poison the air, picking harmful reagents out. What is more, modern vinyl covering are laminated floor, PVC bricks, and vinyl bricks. All kinds of vinyl bricks are easy to use. They are hard and extra strong. It is possible to combine different vinyl designs to get something special and individual for your flat. Vinyl floorings are considered to be natural materials. What is interesting, the print and texture of vinyl covering looks like wooden surface. It is really hard to say that you have parquet stick instead of wooden floor.

Poured Floor: Modern Design

The next ecologic variant is poured floor. It is said that poured floor is nothing but standard concrete floor, covered with special resins. The quality and longevity is going to be perfect. From the other hand, it is almost impossible to demount poured floor when it is needed. You must be careful, pouring the floor. It is better to use masks, airing your apartments.

If you think of changing design of your floor, try to get a competent consultation first. Remember that your floor must be safe. Speaking about your floor, do not forget to ask about the right ventilation. All harmful materials can be absorbed into the ventilation hole to make the air of your room clean. The question of quality floors and more is really important. Ecological floor is not only safe but vital task. Actually, poured floor can be a good base to be covered it with laminated materials, as you wish.

Modern people make their house the natural cozy island, the heart of comfort for all family members. You must feel safe in your home: beginning from physical safety and health care. Is this all about your floor? Try to find it out and choose the best floor for you: safe, ecology clean and easy to use. Do you need help? Try to get it from quality floors services.

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