Avoid Causing Damage During Your DIY with Protective Tapes

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DIY and decorating can be a messy process, but it doesn’t have to result in damage. Find out why more and more homeowners are carrying out home improvements because of the security offered by surface protection tape.

Have you always wanted to improve your DIY skills but been too afraid in case you make a mistake? You are not alone. Over half of Britons (53% of people) have claimed that they are scared of carrying out DIY projects,Guest Posting with 43% of people leaving chipped paint, 42% leaving marks on walls, 15% avoiding wallpapering and 21% too cautious to put shelves up.

One of the most obvious reasons for people not carrying out DIY tasks themselves is the fear of making a mistake and causing damage to surfaces, items or fittings. But there are ways to avoid varnish from window panes getting onto the glass, paint spillages on your carpet, tool scratches on your kitchen surfaces and such. Protection tape allows you to carry out your work without the fear of causing considerable damage, and without having to take such a high level of care.

Protective tapes and films are low tack surface protectors which simply stick onto any surface and peel off easily after you have completed your DIY project, leaving no residue. Protection tapes and protective film are available for a number of surfaces and protect from scratches, paint or varnish spillages, dust and plaster, and even scratches from putting down tools or other items. They can be used on many surfaces, including carpet, wood, glass and mirrors, tiles, furnishings, metal and marble, granite or laminate kitchen worktops. Protective film and protective tapes are commonly used in the construction and decorating trades, as well as by domestic DIY enthusiasts and those moving house. They all understand that the easiest way to avoid unnecessary damage is by using a protective film or protection tape.

How can I use protection tape and protection film?

To keep paint or varnish on or off door frames, skirting boards, light switches or plug sockets, thin rolls of protective tapes allow for precise application. Look for a protection tape from a specialist tape manufacturer, as these are specially designed to be low-tack and will not pull off any existing paint or varnish.

Carpet and wooden flooring protective tapes come in wider rolls for easy and quick application. They are waterproof and therefore much more effective than dust sheets when you want to prevent paint, wallpaper paste or varnish from damaging your flooring. Carpet protection tapes are advisable to prevent spillages and damage from shoes which have come into contact with paint or other harmful materials.

Protective film will prevent kitchen work surfaces, kitchen units, shelves, and windows from coming into contact with paint, varnish or other damaging materials. It will also allow construction work or drilling to be carried out without scratching any surfaces with pieces of plaster, dust or work tools. Pictures and windows can also be protected with protective film.

Protection tape and protective film come in a multitude of varieties, each of which has many different uses. If you want to carry out DIY or building work without fear of causing considerable damage to your home, it helps to purchase a surface protection product. Protective tapes are affordable, easy to use and could save you from causing a lot of damage.

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