Bathroom Modification for Accessibility

Sep 26


Aloysius Aucoin

Aloysius Aucoin

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It is never too late to have your business undergo a bathroom modification.

If you have been considering a bathroom modification for your home or your business,Bathroom Modification for Accessibility Articles now is the perfect time. Now, more than ever, homes and businesses are modifying their restroom areas to make them more accessible for the disabled and elderly.

Aging citizens are finding that the bathrooms that once served them well are now too small for someone equipped with a walker or that is wheelchair bound. This can be extremely frustrating in both the home and business setting. In the home especially, it can lead to dangerous situations. The elderly can slip and fall when trying to use the sink, toilet or shower.

In a business setting, bathroom modification can be a legal matter. Most businesses know that they need to be as inclusive as possible to the disabled, elderly and those with special needs. It is important for them to follow all of the city's and state's rules as far as handicap accessibility goes. Otherwise, they could face serious backlash from organizations representing disabled individuals.

Generally, there are a few different steps to renovating your restroom. Depending on where the restroom is that is being renovated, there are few guidelines and things to look out for. If you are considering investing in your homes' restroom, then you may want to make some changes that guarantee your safety as an aging adult. Looking at the width of the area and the ease in which you can move through the space is one step.

You may also want to consider the shower or bathing area of your renovated restroom. There are many different options as far as shower and bathtub. Large walk-in showers with a seat or bench have become very popular choices among the elderly. Large bars on the walls are necessary for balance and a special showerhead that can be disconnected from the wall is also a convenient and safe choice. There are also walk-in bathtubs that have a door built in to the side. These can be very simple to maneuver through and will help ease the bathing process for elderly and disabled individuals.

For a business, the process of bathroom modification is all about the space. Generally, there are special sanctioned rules set out by the state or federal government requesting that certain measurements be followed. These are specific and can be followed by capable contractors. Occasionally if you have an older building, a historical building or a restroom that you are unable to completely renovate, you may be able to abide by smaller measurements. Talk to your contractor about this and other concerns you may have about the process.

Bathroom modification for accessibility reasons doesn't have to be complicated. Finding a good contractor or renovation expert can walk you through the process and help you understand your options. The important thing to remember is that you are investing in your own welfare and the welfare of your guests.

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