Bathroom Vessel Sink — From Trend to Bath Standard

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Bathroom vessel sinks complement a broad spectrum of bath installations from contemporary to traditional. This now ubiquitous bath sink form can be purchased in a range of materials,Guest Posting shapes and colors and a variety of styles from classic craftsman to modern contemporary. Popular material choices include vitreous porcelain & stoneware, cast iron, tempered glass, stainless steel, bronze, copper, quarried stone of many patterns and hues and even resin impregnated wood. The exceptional selection of colors, surface finishes and textural detail offers unlimited design opportunities.

The most familiar bathroom vessel sink is a bowl-like form which mounts on a bath counter surface and is plumbed to a central drain. A range of innovative geometric forms expands the formal options associated with this popular bath sink style. Faucet sets are mounted on the counter top or installed in the wall adjacent to the vessel sink. The vessel form is inspired by the classic wash stand bowl & pitcher combination in traditional use prior to advent of modern plumbing.

The bath sink vessel lends itself to individual expression via a wide variety of colors, surface finishes and material choices. At one time you could have any color you wanted as long as it was white but you can now source high quality vitreous ceramic sinks in an astonishing range of variegated glaze tones and primary colors. Subtle ivory, sea greens, crystalline blacks and traditional celadons span the spectrum of pastel hues and highlight the extraordinarily range of surfaces available from major manufacturers and specialty firms. The use of color in our home and bath has changed in recent years due in part to an influential group of design artisans who produce one-of-a-kind bath sink products to individual preferences and specifications. The custom forming of individualized sinks presents an unprecedented range of choices for architects, interior designers, decorators and discriminating home owners.

Installing a vessel sink is not at all difficult but does require pre-planning regarding the placement of your plumbing fixture and drain as needed for any other bath installation. Vessel sink counter heights should be appropriate for the higher rim position of the counter top mounted bathroom vessel style. Your choice of vessel color, material and surface finish requires particular care because the dominant vessel form will draw attention from all who see or use this fixture.

Vessel sink installation is simpler than traditional flush mounted rim style sinks. A single 1.5 inch diameter counter top drain hole is all that is required to position and plumb a bathroom vessel sink. Conventional flush mount rimmed style basins require a much larger counter cut out almost as large as the sink itself. Vessel sinks have the additional advantage of providing more useable counter space beneath the curve of the sink bowl. Since a vessel sink occupies less counter area, this offers an additional advantage in limited space installations. Vessel style bath sink drains which were at one time difficult to obtain are now as commonly available as traditional drain fixtures.

The bath vessel form is a definitive statement which will not be lost to the next trendy fad which quickly blooms and fades from favor. As a bold designer or one who favors a conservative approach, you can now confidently install a bathroom vessel sink because the trend toward this sink style has taken deep roots to become a design standard and universally popular bath fixture choice.

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