Blossom Medicine Cabinets With Lights

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Blossom – famous American brand that produces bathroom furniture. Including bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets with lights and other accessories.

Medicine cabinet with LED mirror is one of the most significant pieces in bathroom design. When starting your bath renovation you have to pay a precise attention to this décor element. And it’s not only about style but also about functionality.

New Bathroom Style,Guest Posting supply store in Brooklyn, offers a wide selection of both affordable and luxury units of any brand, shape, size. Thanks to this clients can choose a perfect model for both high-end and classic interior design. A good quality from the best manufacturers makes the furniture long-lasting and reliable. It will be serve as a good decoration for many years.

Important thing about medicine cabinets and bathroom mirrors is lighting. Every single piece should be lit perfectly independently of its size. Hence, it is worth considering LED medicine cabinets. Additionally, due to light reflection, the bathroom will be bright and visually look more spacious. That is why all professional designer always advice to choose as big mirror as possible. A perfect height for its placing will be 10-20 inches above the sink.

Today there are plenty of brands on the market that offer about the same features. Quality and prices always differ. Starting from January, 2020 a famous American brand, Blossom, announced a start of new bathroom mirrors collection sales. This company stands out with remarkable quality and wide product range. It is famous by bathroom vanities and cabinets. But recently Blossom launched new amazing medicine cabinets with lights: Blossom Pillar and Blossom Asta medicine cabinets with lights. The features includes: digital clock, built-in defogger, adjustable brightness & dimmer, three soft touch switch, inner LED light, electrical outlet with USB. Sizes vary from 20x32 to 30x32 inches.

Just an ordinary and usual mirror can be a highlight of your unique style. Choose Blossom cabinets to ensure a magnificent look of your bathroom.

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