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Whirlpools have become the new in-thing to have in your bathrooms - read below to see how to buy one.

Whirlpool baths are becoming increasingly popular,Guest Posting with more people benefiting from their home spa whirlpool. Whirlpool can be fitted with a filtration system which cleans the bath for you, allowing you to spend your time relaxing. Whirlpool baths are known world-wide for their luxurious designs and relaxation. They are the perfect thing for relaxing at home after a hard day at work or just the normal everyday stressful activities. Whirlpools are designed to fulfil the consumers luxury wants for hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and ultimate bathing experiences.

A jet of massaging air can be added to a bathtub; hydrotherapy is able to transform people's life, to allow people to have a better state of mind and improve their health. Advanz Whirlpools are recognized as the leader in the bath industry. Why settle for a plain bath when you can have a Whirlpool? They are beautiful, energy efficient, well built, and surprisingly affordable and are very well-known for their swirling and bubbling motion that soothes the body.

So what should you bear in mind when buying a whirlpool?

•    The first thing to consider is the design of the whirlpool itself to ensure that it goes well with the general design of the bathroom.
•    The colour should fit the general decoration.
•    Do you want a walk in bath and shower combined?  These come with special water tight fitments that act as a door in the side of the whirlpool.
•    Low Water Sensors – They will automatically shut off the motor once it has detected that the water level is too low, this stops the motor from burning out.
•    Built-in grab bars and slip-resistant floors
•    Internal water heaters - To save money on heater, you should consider buying a whirlpool bathtub with internal water heaters to keep the water temperature consistent.
•    The filled weight of the filled Whirlpool should be kept in mind; if you buy an extra large make sure your floor is built to support the weight.

Unlike air baths, whirlpool tubs are much more pressurised and the jets release a combination of both air and water that is a little more intense. This aspect can be really terrific for muscle aches and to relieve tension.

One last great thing about having your own whirlpool bath, apart from being able to use it yourself anytime, is the value and attractiveness it adds to your home.

Advanz Whirlpools are based in Dublin and stock to retailers nationwide.

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