Disadvantages of Prefabricated Bathrooms

Sep 26


Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan

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Prefab baths sometimes are made of too large components and it will be hard to fit them through the doors in your home. Some models are made for brand new homes, so that's why manufacturers used large parts.


If you want to spend less time for the installation of your bathroom and at the same time to save resources,Disadvantages of Prefabricated Bathrooms Articles a good option is to purchase a prefabricated bathroom or also known as prefab bath. These baths are produced in factories and later installed in your house or apartment as a complete bath. A lot of functions and features are included such as bath liners and bath tubs. However, before going for this prefab baths you should be aware of some of the disadvantages they have. Read more to find out some potential problems you may experience and then when you know not only the benefits, but also the downsides, you will be able to take a proper decision.

  • Uneven wear

Some specialists in bathroom design and installation claim that prefab bath liners, which are applied to already existing bath tub, often will not fit correctly. With regular use poor fit may cause uneven wear and sometimes may cause damages to the liner. Mould may also occur when a liner is not fitted properly. So, to avoid any possible problems with fit, it is a good idea to buy a new tub.

  • Leakage

There are two common cases when prefab bathrooms may leak. The first one is when they are not installed properly and the second is, if they do not conform to the space. There are companies, which design their modules according to the customer demands. This is a good option, because when you take the measures of the walls and keep it in mind during the purchase, there will be no free space left. So, water will not get in the empty area between the module and the wall. Bathroom cleaning in Melbourne experts recommend to buy products for the prefab bathroom which are mould and mildew resistant. Take this protective measure, if you notice even small leaks.

  • Large components

Another downside of prefabricated bathrooms is that often they are made of large parts. For example, a shower stall or tub are usually too large and it will be difficult to fit them through the walls in your home. Some of these bathrooms are constructed for brand hew homes, that's why they consist of such large components. So, to avoid problems during the transportation, it is best to measure the dimensions of your doorways. Later when choosing between prefab baths you will know which one will fit properly.

That was the main possible problems you can have with prefabricated bathrooms. The final decision is up to you. Decide whether the advantages or the disadvantages prevail and make your final choice.