Everything you need to know about Wessex Doors

Jul 31


Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman

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Wessex is a commercial door manufacturing company in Europe, based in United Kingdom. Wessex Doors have a variety of products, experience and the craftsmanship to provide a good solution to customer needs.


Wessex is a commercial door manufacturing company in Europe,Everything you need to know about Wessex Doors Articles based in United Kingdom. It has the largest range of door styles and finishes available anywhere. It offers a range of excellent tried and tested door lifting gear systems to complement their door panels. All their door products conform to the European quality standard EN 13241-1. The Wessex doors provide security, ease of access, insulation and maximise warehouse' space. The commercial doors available are as follows:

Sectional overhead Doors are suited to most applications for opening areas of up to 45 meters square. They are designed and built to specific customer requirements. These categories of Wessex doors provide superb access control to your business premises. They s are very popular because of its ability to withstand high usage, its ease of use, protection from noise and droughts with the additional benefit if window panels to improve natural light. They are made using quality materials. These are ideally suited for warehouses, factories and garages.

Roller Garage Doors have security designed in from the start. Their remote control Roller Garage doors, offer the very latest in security and safety. Automatically locking on closure, there are no handles to be tampered with and no leverage points for would-be intruders. Wessex Company comes up with the design, manufacture and installation of these doors. They can also be colour blended with the building exterior. They can be used in homes, offices, hotels and factories. They are operated manually, with power or with remote controls.

Roller Shutters are designed to occupy minimum amount of space while giving maximum use of opening. They are robust, versatile and adaptable, easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. This product is recommended for security, insulation or ease of use. Usage includes industrial and commercial premises, up to a maximum door area of 30 square meters.

Sliding Folding Doors are designed for customers whose premise's entrance is constantly in use. These doors facilitate ease of access and security control. They operate in such a way that entrances have optimum clearance, maximising ease of access while not compromising security. It is also easy to operate and maintain. Application includes industrial, aeronautical, nautical and agricultural premises while arrangements can be single sliding or double sliding.

Steel Hinged Doors are mainly fitted at the reception areas and other prominent positions in the building. They were developed to prevent breaks into a business and industrial premises which is an easy target for Wooden, Hinged Access Doors or Fire Exit Doors. The degree of security is high with the correct use of these Doors. They are suited for offices, hotels, factories, sport centre, industrial units and many others.

Security Shutters offer solutions to building or personal security. Effective for either window, door or bar security. They are a viable alternative to Roller shutters. They are ideal for internal or external security, attractive and easy to use. Area of application includes homes, offices, factories and many others.

Fire Shutters is another category of Wessex Doors that offer solutions to business people who want to provide security and safety to their businesses, premises and staff. They offer protection of goods, buildings and employees from threats of fire by offering potentially significant delays to the spread of fire. This product is designed to customer specification. It is suitable for warehouses, factories, offices, hotels and many others.

CONCLUSION: Wessex Doors have a variety of products, experience and the craftsmanship to provide a good solution to customer needs.

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