Finding the Right Plumber in Newcastle

Sep 18


Dan Watkins

Dan Watkins

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Finding a plumber isn't always easy at the best of times, and in a city Like Newcastle with a large catchment area and surrounding towns means there should be many to choose from. But finding the right one for you and what you need isn't always as easy as the first on you call. There are different types of plumbers with different qualifications, experience, skill levels and prices so you should as


Finding the Right Plumber in Newcastle

Finding a reliable plumber is not an easy business,Finding the Right Plumber in Newcastle Articles many aren’t able to respond quickly or don’t pick up the phone. It can be tiresome to have to call so many plumbers and wait for responses or not get any at all. Even if a friend has recommended one, they still might be busy or unable to do the work required. So what should you do? Well, most people start with a google search and see what local plumbers they can find but will that get you the best plumber? Probably not, but it’s a good place to start as there are definitely some questions you need to ask to make sure.

Questions to Ask When Finding a Plumber

If someone picks up the call right away this can be a good start. Some larger companies will have offices with admin staff but these can often be expensive but you won’t know until you ask. So here are some questions to ask to find the best plumber for you in the Newcastle area.

1.     Are You Qualified? There are different levels of qualifications and certificates that allow plumbers to undertake certain types of work. For instance, gas requires its own set of qualifications and licences, and not all plumbers are legally allowed to work on gas.

2.     How Experienced Are You? Some plumbers specialise in certain types of jobs, some are more industrial, some more commercial and some might specialise in renovations so you need to make sure that they are experienced in what you need them to do as this will obviously be a bonus.

3.     Are You Insured? All professional plumbers must have public liability insurance by law but some may not. Public liability is when damage or an accident happens on your property due to their work. They should have this to cover you and your property, just in case of an accident.

4.     Do You Offer Warranties On Work or Parts? This is a question not many ask, some plumbers will show this on their website or mention it to you, and it’s a very good sign. All warranties are designed not to be used, that is to say, they shouldn’t be needed, which is great when it comes to labour and parts for plumbers as you know they are confident enough in their work to know it won’t be required.

5.     Do You Provide Free Quotes? Most plumbers provide free quotes, but getting an approximate price over the phone isn’t the same as one in writing that comes from a visit. Obviously, this will depend on the size of the job you need doing but you also want to know how accurate their quote is and if there are caveats to their quote like timescale for instance where the price may only be valid for 30 days.

There are other things to take note of too when speaking with plumbers but you should also look at their website and check their reviews too. See how professional they are when on the phone and how punctual they were when arriving for a quote.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions too, any decent plumber should be happy to answer them all and have been asked them before.

We hope this guide helps you find the best plumber in Newcastle for your needs, whatever they may be.