Fire Damage Debris Removal - Things People Need to Know

Apr 7


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Learn what people should know about fire damage debris removal.


All over the world house fires happen daily,Fire Damage Debris Removal - Things People Need to Know Articles and for the most part people are fairly disconnected from them and don’t worry too much, until it happens to them. House fires can be devastating, and while most homeowners have insurance against house fires, there’s a lot of grief, and work to do after a fire. Fire debris removal is a priority after a house fire and is the responsibility of the homeowner before the debris becomes dangerous. Calling in professionals is the best way to get it done quickly and safely.

Don’t Ignore Feelings

Before anything can happen after a house fire, the homeowner and their family need to take the opportunity to properly grieve and deal with their feelings. Stress is a huge issue after a house fire, especially with so many sudden tasks that have been piled on that need to be completed. Handling everything on their own after a fire is inadvisable, and since insurance covers remediation and debris removal, it’s best they take advantage of that to relieve the burden.

Fire Debris Removal is a Process

Fire debris removal, property cleanup, and restoration are all going to take time, and can’t be done in a day. Homeowners need to understand that everything has a timetable when it comes to recovering from a fire, and while you may be calling your insurance agent even while the fire is still being put out, it’s still going to take time to assess the damage, determine what needs tossed, restored, and then cleaning and rebuilding the home. Take everything one day at a time.

Call The Insurance Agent Immediately

As mentioned above, it’s always prudent for a homeowner after discovering their home is on fire and the fire department is on their way to contact their insurance agent immediately. The quicker insurance is involved, the faster they can help with an insurance adjustment inspector, fire debris removal specialists, water mitigation specialists, remediation specialists, etc. The sooner they get there, the sooner they can help.

Secure the Property

Securing a property after a fire is key and needs to be done immediately. While insurance policies cover the fire damage and fire debris removal itself, they often don’t cover any injuries or theft that occur during the cleanup and restoration process. Fire debris removal professionals called in will often board up the home immediately and tarp windows and roofs to keep out the elements, and people.

Understand the Hidden Dangers

Housefires cause a lot of damage with just fire and heat alone, but the most lingering damage can be from the smoke and soot. Soot is made up of very small particles, much smaller than dust, and can permeate a lot of materials. Fire debris removal and remediation professionals will be able to assess the damage not only from fire and heat, but also smoke and soot to determine what can be safely cleaned, and what needs to be removed immediately before they pose a health risk to the homeowner or restoration workers.

After a fire, homeowners may become overwhelmed quickly, but they should immediately contact their insurance company and bring in fire debris specialists quickly to help with the cleanup, and get the restoration process as soon as possible.

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