Ground Source Heat Pumps – Your Harmless Heat Source

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Ground Source Heat Pumps – Your Harmless Heat Source.  With the increase in the prices of fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal, the cost of heating your home has gone up considerably as well.  Read this article to know more.

With the increase in the prices of fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal,Guest Posting the cost of heating your home has gone up considerably as well. With this, pollution is also at its peak now. The fossil fuels are not only a huge source of energy but they are also an important asset to our mother earth. As an alternative, engineers and scientists have come up with Ground Source Heat Pumps to save these natural fuels and to conserve our precious environment.

Ground Source Heat Pumps involve the use of pipes that are placed under the ground, in an open garden. The system uses or rather absorbs in, heat locked in the ground, even in the coldest winter. The pipes are laid straight, or coiled two meters below the ground surface, in trenches. The pipes can be laid straight or coiled according to the size of your garden. If you have a large garden, they can be coiled and placed further below the surface, but for smaller gardens, pipes are laid often straight and not very deep. These pipes have a mixture of water and antifreeze running through them. The fluid running through the pipes absorbs the surrounding heat, and then passes through a heat compressor which raises it to higher temperatures. This heated fluid can then be used to heat homes and also to heat water. The Ground Source Heat Pumps can be used for under-floor or warm air heating. The compressor in the system is runs by electricity, so the system uses up some electricity, but not much.

The Ground Source Heat Pump is the latest technology available in the market that is gaining popularity at an increasing rate in the UK. The system is efficient and highly reliable. The system does not require any inputs except a little electricity and is a constant heating system. It relieves you from the high costs involved in the conventional heating systems, whether it was thermal heating or electric heating. Most of all, the technology is absolutely environmentally friendly because it does not produce any emissions.

The heat provided by the Ground Source Heat Pumps can be provided over a long period. The amount of heat provided may differ according to the length of the pipes used. Longer pipes produce more heat but require a large space.

Not only that, but Ground Source Heat Pumps are safe. They do not have any combustion processes that may lead to accidents, and undoubtedly no harmful emissions. They have low maintenance cost and an average Ground Source Heat Pump can last for around 20 years and even more.

Renewable Heat Incentive is a scheme launched by the UK government in order to encourage its citizens to employ alternative and renewable heat sources for their households. The government rewards such households with payments that vary according to the type of renewable heat source. With the use of Ground Source Heat Pumps, you get a chance to be rewarded with these payments.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps are no doubt a good investment. With the right design and structure, Ground Source Heat Pumps can go a long way.

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