Guide to Unlock the Door Knob Without a Key

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Missing keys is a common problem which can happen to anyone anytime. Although there are different tricks to unlock the door in that situation, if you are not confident of using the above-mentioned tricks it is better to call an expert to rectify the issue. There are lots of renowned emergency locksmith services providers who offer their duties 24x7 without any concern of day and time. They will reach your home on a single call and unlock the knob without any damage to your door and the property.

The situation of the home lockout can be a frustrating experience for anyone. It is like a plate of delicious food served in front of you but not allowed to eat it. You want to move inside the house but cannot move with the keys visible from the window of your living room smiling on you. It is the time when you expect a miracle to happen which could unlock the door. Unfortunately,Guest Posting miracles happen only in the movies and very less in the real life, especially in such cases. 

It is the time when you start searching for an emergency locksmith service Brickell who can unlock the door of your house without consuming much of your time. Well, this is the best possible option for you to get the door of your house unlocked. This can be sometimes time-consuming for you, as you might be looking to enter immediately inside the house. Interestingly there are some ways by which you can unlock the door without any damage to your house and the door.  However, for this, you need to be a little bit techno-savvy, own the necessary tools, and capable of using these tools properly. Some of the approaches which you can adopt for unlocking the doorknob without the help of a key are mentioned below:

  1. Screwdriver: Using a screwdriver will remove the entire knob of your door and can fix it again once you enter inside the house. The problem with this method is that it will not work on the doors that are locked from the outside and regarded to be more secure than the doors with an interior locking system. With the help of a screwdriver, you will be able to move the screws from the faceplate and the knob. After removing both these parts you will be able to unlock the interior fittings of the knob, once these fittings are removed you are free to move inside the house, within a few minutes of operation. 
  2. Paperclip: If you have a door with a push-button knob mounted inside the door, then moving in the house will not be a laborious task for you anymore. These knobs are mainly installed for the privacy reason, but they do not offer any type of security.  Going through this reason it is easier to unlock the knob with the help of a paperclip. The knob of such doors has a small reset button which you have to push for unlocking the knob.   For unlocking the knob you should use a paperclip which is hard enough and does not bend at the time of pushing the button.
  3. Credit Card: This might be surprising for you, but the credit card which you use for making the payment of goods purchased can also be used for unlocking the knob of your door without keys. You just need to swipe the card across the jamb of the door in the same way as the seller in the shop swipes your card on the reader. This however, sounds very simple but requires skills to swipe the card properly through the jamb. This technique however works in the situation when the angle of the latch bolt is placed towards you.
  4. Using a Drill Machine: If you are not able to unlock the knob of your door with any of the methods mentioned-above, then the final option left with you is using the drill machine and you are not able to locate any of the locksmiths in your area. Moving ahead, after using this method you might also need to install a new knob or even a new door, depending upon the damage to the door. It is therefore recommended to use this method only in an emergency.

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