House Cleaning: What To Expect When You Hire

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What services to expect and what are considered extra from the house cleaning service and tips to make having a house cleaner go smoothly.

When you hire a house cleaner there are certain things you should expect to be done and other things that are above and beyond what you should expect. Normal services include dusting,Guest Posting vacuuming, mopping and emptying the trash bins.

Other cleaning services are generally considered extras that some house cleaning services simply don’t offer and if they are offered are considered extra. Services such as washing dishes, doing laundry, making beds or washing windows are things that the consumer should expect to pay an extra fee for if the services can be provided.

Before you hire a service find out if the cleaning crew can perform the services you want and need done and how much extra this will cost. An efficient way to streamline the process is to use a consumer based web site that post the customer reviews of a business online.

By going through this service you can find the top rated cleaners in your area and get a heads up on the services that they do perform. This will eventually help when you begin the interview process since you can eliminate the businesses that invoke poor customer reviews and focus you attention on the cleaning services that come with a high customer rating.

Before the house cleaner arrives you should put away all of your clutter. It makes the cleaners job easier and it makes finding your things faster if you don’t have to guess where someone else put things. Also it is highly recommended that you put away things like phone bills, bank statements and any other personal documents.

Since the cleaners will be going all over you home and into your space it may be easy to forget that even though most house cleaners are honest, there are some who may take advantage of the opportunity to access the personal information you leave out. It is also a good idea to put away valuables like jewelry and money and put them where the house cleaners should not be going like your dresser drawers to avoid temptation.

Finally it is a good idea to make sure the cleaning service has the code to shut off the security system if you have one. Most systems have user codes that you can create that are unique to the user and some allow only limited access such as certain days and times that will coordinate with the time of service. If the cleaners don’t have a code and the alarm goes off the monitoring service will generally have to dispatch the police to your home and after a few incidents like this most police departments will levy huge fines against the home owner.

If all goes well and the new cleaners work to your expectations be sure to post your own review of the service on the same web site to help other potential customers benefit from your experience.

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