How to Clean Your Carpet Properly.

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Unfortunately the majority of people still prefer to have textile floorings around their homes, when there is hardwood flooring. Yes it is a lot more expensive in comparison to a wall-to-wall carpet but believe me the benefits are way more.

Take the durability for example,Guest Posting a normal well maintained and properly cleaned carpet can last up to five years before it is time to throw it away and install a new one as for the hard flooring – high quality one can last up to fifty years.

It Is Better To Remove The Carpet And Install Hardwood Flooring

Moreover regarding the cleaning and maintenance it is better to have hardwood flooring because the time and efforts you'll spend is significantly less. All you need for the hardwood is a damp microfibre mop and five minutes a day to wipe it. Once the cloth is dirty you place it in the washing machine – it's that simple and easy. Regarding that stains the things are quite the same, hardwood flooring is stain and water resistant so you won't have any problem removing spots.

But this article is not about why hard floor is better, but how to make sure your textile flooring is in perfect condition. The most important thing is not to allow dust, soil and dirt to build up – the only way to do this is to regularly vacuum it. And believe me when I say once a week is not enough, nor is the annual deep cleaning. You have to invest a lot more efforts of you want to extend the useful lifespan of your textile flooring.

If you want to ease your life I recommend you seek for durable and cheap, water tolerant carpet otherwise you'll have a really difficult time. There are two methods for deep cleaning – wet and dry, depending on the type of carpet you have. The dry cleaning is used for moisture sensitive carpets and to be honest isn't as effective as the other method. Nevertheless it cleans pretty well and is perfect for the cold months when you can't leave the windows open until it dries.

As for the second one it is commonly known as steam cleaning, but in fact no steam is used the proper name of the technique is hot water extraction. You can DIY there are machines which you can rent but there are some things you don't know. For example you don't know that the carpet has a specific PH and choosing the wrong cleaning solutions can damage the fabric. Also I don't think you know that every detergent has to be neutralized in order to maintain the natural PH of the carpet.

That is why I recommend you hire a professional cleaning technician to deep clean your textile flooring. That way you eliminate the risk of over-wetting and over-shampooing the textile flooring. Of course you can't always call the professionals when a stain occurs you have to learn how to remove them on your own. First try to remove the stain – don't panic but remember time is crucial, get a dry clean cloth if the stain is liquid and a tablespoon if there are particles.

Remember when you try to soak up the spot not to apply pressure or you'll force the stain deep into the fibres making it almost impossible to remove. When you apply a cleaning solution always do s pot test on an inconspicuous part of the fabric.

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The next tip I can give you I to work your way form the end towards the centre of the stain to prevent it form spreading. And in nothing of this works you can always hire the professionals to do it for you.

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