How to Find a Roof Leak?

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Roof leaks present multiple challenges for homeowners as they can lead to significant damage to the property.  In order to complete an effective roof repair,Guest Posting it is necessary to determine the  root cause of the leak.

How to Perform a Roof Leak Investigation?

It is very essential to determine the source of   the roof leak.  This could be a very challenging task. At times, the source of leak does not match the point where the leak appears inside the house. This leads to a great deal of frustration to the homeowner.

In order to trace a leak, first check the active leak visually. Another option can be stain on your ceiling. Stains can be effective and easier DIY method to locate roof leaks.

Most ideal time to see the leak occurring is during a rain or snow event. If this is not possible, you can conduct a water test on the roof surface. It is done by saturating the suspected area with a garden hose for a period of time until the leak occurs on the inside of the house.

If you have failed in resolving the issue yourself, it is suggested that you contact a professional Roofing Company Austin to fix the roof leak.

Essential Steps to Locate the Roof Leak:

If you are experiencing roof leaks, there are a few tips that you should consider to track down the source of the drip.

  • The first step is to confirm that the source of water inside the house is a result of a roof leak and not due to a problem associated with other plumbing components. Other potential sources leading to leakage include roof scuppers, roof drains, HVAC, and condensation.
  • Once it is determined that the leak is caused by roofing, measure the location of the leak. Map the leak penetration through the roof and from that point on the roof. Check your vent tube or chimney.
  • Begin your search at the point where the leak is occurring. If the leak is occurring where the entry points in the building, the cause of the leak may be in that area.
  • You can also search on the roof slope if the source of the leak source is not evident immediately.
  • Check roof penetrations. Often roof penetrations can cause water to enter a building through deteriorated mortar or an air conditioning unit.
  • Review valleys and hips in shingle roof systems. This creates a gutter allowing the water to enter the building away from the valley.
  • Check your gutters or drain to ensure they are flowing freely and not clogged.
  • Check roof drains and scuppers to ensure there are no clogs.

By following these basic recommendations to determine the cause of   roofing leakage and apply a correct and cost effective solution. If you experience a leak in your home, either you can prefer to make the repair yourself or hire a professional Residential Roofers Austin to complete the repair.

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