How to Fix All Errors on Live NetTV App?

Sep 10




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Since its innovation, TVs have been evolving. We have seen the classic big TVs in our old days and now, it has been converted to the latest generation OLED TV, 4K TV, etc.


The main purpose of using a TV is to watch channels and these days,How to Fix All Errors on Live NetTV App? Articles this is being fulfilled by many online TV apps. 

Live NetTV is one of the most popular TV streaming apps for Android which enables you to access more than 800 channels on the go and whenever you want.

But what will happen when you face any issues while using the App? There are always solutions for any TV-related problem even if it is an online TV streaming app. And, in this guide, we are going to explain the common issues that you can face on Live NetTV and how to fix them for an effective TV repair.

What Live NetTV App Offers

Live NetTV app is an all-purpose entertainment TV streaming App that is able to host 800+ live TV channels which include sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Music, Kids, and Religious Channels. Their service is spread across more than 8 countries.

The team of Live NetTV adds new channels and links and updates on a daily basis. The best thing is that they provide their service with absolutely no cost, that means it’s totally free. Moreover, you don’t need to sign up or subscribe to watch their channels.

Apart from that, the users can request new channels right from inside the app. The app has built-in support for famous media players including MX player, XMTV player, and their own XYZ Player. One added benefit is users can cast live channels as it has Chromecast Support.

Some Common Issues With Their Solutions

In case if you ever face any issues with the working of Live NetTV App, avail the best TV Repair Dubai support from us. In this section, we will discuss almost all the issues that one can face while using the Live NetTV app.

App Not Working: Installation Problem

The causes for the Live NetTV not working may be various. Due to problems in the installation, video streaming can get interrupted. Moreover, you can’t watch the video smoothly or maybe the image freezes. Don’t worry as we are here to help you offer the best possible solution to this problem.

Firstly, you have to enable an option “install apps from unknown sources” on your phone. Otherwise, you would not be able to install any apps from sources other than Google Play.

Another problem with the installation could be the fact that the current application version is not compatible with your phone. For information, just remember, Live NetTV requires at least Android 4.0 or higher to be installed on any Android phone. The best solution is to install the latest version or update the older version to the latest.

No Video?

When you install Live NetTV App on your desktop using BlueStacks or any other Android app, you may face problems with video playing. The screen is black when you play a video but the audio is playing. So, what to do now?

When you play any channel on BlueStacks from Live NetTV, on the loading page you can see a 3-dot option on the upper right corner. By clicking on that, you will get an option to change the codec setting. Change it from the HW decoder to the SW decoder. After a few seconds, the video will appear.

To prevent this from happening repeatedly, click on App Launcher in BlueStacks and click on the MX player. On the top right corner, you will find settings in the ‘Menu’ option. There is a ‘decoder’ option in the setting, clicking on which offer you the option to enable SW Decoder (Network) and SW Audio. Enable them and exit from the apps. Launch Live NetTV again and enjoy the smooth streaming of the video.

Video issues can be a result of several other software problems. And, they can be handled easily by us. So, connect with us today for the best TV repair Dubai services.

App Not Working

Sometimes, you can see an error message saying something like “App is not Responding”. We are giving you a very easy solution to this problem. In your Android device, open Settings and go to the ‘App Manager’ or ‘Manage Apps’. Find Live NetTV App in the list and click on that. You will get to see two options like “Clear App Data” and “Clear Cache”. Just clear them both to get rid of this problem.

Fixing Buffering Issue

When we play something on Live NetTV, we can face buffering in streaming. This problem is caused mainly because of a weak internet connection. But, we still have a solution to this problem.

Simply, go to the application’s settings and look for the option which allows changing the quality of the videos. Change the stream quality from HD/High to SD/Low to fix this problem. Otherwise, you have to use high-speed internet to tackle this problem.

Data Fetching Problem Due to Geographical Restriction

Some channels in your Live NetTV App may not work or encounter problems with fetching of data. To avoid this problem and watch any channel smoothly, download a VPN app on your Android smartphone. Activate the VPN service and choose a country. Hope this will fix the problems with geographical restriction.

In the above discussion, we have explained all the issues that you can go through with your Live NetTV while using it. We hope we are able to provide you the best solutions for all the issues. In case, you are not able to get your problems solved on your own, get in touch with us to avail of the best TV Repairservice in Dubai.