How to Keep your Corner Bathtubs Clean

Oct 6


Peter West

Peter West

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This article provides basic advice on how to clean corner bathtubs.

It might surprise you to learn just how many people assume that the soap action your corner bathtubs see when you shower is enough to keep the tub clean all the time. Unfortunately,How to Keep your Corner Bathtubs Clean Articles only you get thoroughly cleaned when you take a bath or shower. The soap you use can actually do more harm to your tub than good. Shower soap builds up over time and can degrade the quality of your tub. It is important that you take the time to properly clean your corner bathtub if you want it to sparkle.The tools you use to clean your corner bathtubs will vary depending on what type of corner bathtub you have. It might feel like you only need to buy the cheapest cleanser on sale at the grocery store but if you have a corner bathtub made out of a sensitive material like stone or marble that cheap cleanser can eat away at your bathtub. So how do you know which products to use to keep your bathtub clean?First find out which cleansers work best for the material from which your corner bathtubs are constructed. Steel wool will work for deep cleaning on most tubs, but it can do quite a lot of damage to corner bathtubs that are made from fiberglass. When you have your tub installed, ask if you need to use special products to keep the tub clean.For the most part, most household corner bathtubs are not made out of steel or expensive materials like marble. For acrylic bathtubs, your best bet is to make your bathtub cleanser yourself! You can assemble a wonderful and hard working tub cleanser from materials you already have on hand like baking soda, dish washing detergent, etc. Not only will this save you quite a lot of money at the store but it is better for the environment as well!Once you have found the right cleanser, cleaning experts recommend that you spray the cleaner on your corner bathtubs and then let it sit for a while. The more stubborn the grime, the longer you should let your cleanser sit. Some experts recommend that you let the cleanser sit on the corner bathtub's surface for up to an hour. After that, the grime should easily wipe away with a simple cloth or sponge.Quick note: Some experts recommend applying turtle wax to corner bathtubs to keep the tub shiny and grime resistant between cleanings. If you do this remember that you should never ever wax the floor of a corner bathtub! This could lead to accidents as the floor of your bathtub will already be slippery from the soap and water that get run into it every day. Keep the extra cleaning measures to the sides of the tub and only do the basic cleanings on the floor.As with most things, keeping your corner bathtubs sparkling clean simply requires diligence. A regular cleaning routine should keep grime and soap scum from building up in your corner bathtub. Good luck!