How to remove paint from brick?? Ask brickwork restoration specialists for easy solution.

Mar 16


Ujwala Gawas

Ujwala Gawas

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The brick is a most important part of a home and over time it can get stained and weathered, losing its beauty and uniformity.  Many home owners often wonder what can be done refresh the look of their brick homes.

The most prominent and sensible way out to resolve this problem is to paint the brick exterior. Most people prefer painting a brick area for the below mentioned reasons.•    To conceal alterations like previous repairs,How to remove paint from brick?? Ask brickwork restoration specialists for easy solution. Articles bricked up windows, or door openings.•    To cover up a century of coal soot, grime or graffiti.•    Attempting to seal and protect old, spalled bricks.•    To disguise or protect poor quality bricks.•    As a design feature.    The first step to repainting your house is removing the old paint to prepare the surface for a new coat. It's important to completely remove old paint so that the new paint can fully adhere to the wall. Paint can successfully be removed from brick exteriors provided the bricks were in good shape before they were painted. People often follow improper methods of paint removal which leads to damage to the bricks. Sandblasting isn't the only culprit, but it is among the worst. Pressure washing also can quickly erode the surface of bricks. Some caustic chemical solutions can cause surface failures or can change the colour of old bricks. Even low-pressure washing or gentle liquid chemical solutions can force excessive moisture through the porous brick surface and cause damage. Damage is especially likely if the brick doesn’t dry completely before freezing weather. You need to be careful when choosing the stripping methods as they require their own set of safety precautions.  It is also important to be aware of the factors that can cause premature paint failure on brick homes: improper application of the paint will lead to its untimely cracking and flaking. Nowadays the popularity of professional paint removal and brick cleaning has grown as individual house owners have realized that it is far cleverer to hire professionals for specialist jobs rather than having in-house people to carry out the work. An exceptionally talented paint removal and cleaning specialist can make an old brick wall look more modern. Stripping out paint from a brick wall is a challenging task which requires a tremendous amount of preparation and physical labor. Research for the proper products to clean and coat the brick surface should be done in advance, and it is advisable to hire an established brickwork restoration contractor who understands your climate and the kind of bricks you have.

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