Interior Design Decor: 5 Top Living Room Decoration Mistakes To Avoid

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Once you have made the decorating blunder it can be difficult and expensive to fix. Your best bet is to avoid the mistake in the first place when decorating your living room. Read this article and follow the advice given and you will be much happier you did.

The biggest interior design decor mistakes do not come from buying the wrong color paint or even from misjudging the size of a piece of furniture by a few inches. Mistakes are easy to make so you want to try to keep them at a minimum. This is where planning becomes important. The more planning,Guest Posting the less mistakes. Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid:

* Don't allow your living room to revolve around your TV. Many people have state of the art TV's that they want to show off but doing so is a huge mistake. As a matter of fact, if it can be done, put your TV in an armoire or somewhere where it can be out of the way and concealed. Some TV's can even be mounted on a wall. The room will be much more attractive if the topic of conversation is not about your TV.

* Every living room needs a focal point, however they do not need two competing against each other. This can be a tough obstacle to tackle if you have a fireplace in your living room because the fireplace is an automatic focal point. The problem is that if there is also a TV in the room you are going to want your furniture and other seating to face the TV, creating a second focal point. If possible, set up seating so it is in the middle of the room to wash out one of the focal points. Ideally, you would want to create a situation where you could mount a TV above the fireplace, which would eliminate that second focal point entirely.

* Get rid of decorations that look cluttered. When it comes to decorations: less is more. If you have too many collectibles and want to display them a better idea is to do so but alternate them. It is better to just put out the best ones, and do so sparingly, so they look like they are presented attractively. The same is true for framed photos.

* Decorate according to your own styles and tastes rather than what the latest trend is. Remember that trends fade away and you are left with the aftermath of last year's trend. Don't try to mix your furniture with a different style of decorating. When changing your living room decor remember that contemporary stays with contemporary and so forth. Switch around the colors but leave the styles alone.

* Follow the rules when laying a rug in your living room. Never just throw a rug down in the center of a room. Always make sure that at least the front legs of all pieces of furniture are on top of the rug. This will show connection and that is important, especially in the living room. Tables and smaller chairs should be placed completely on top of the rug.

Interior design decor ideas do not have to be a hassle as long as you stop and remember that mistakes can happen but it is a lot easier if you could have avoided them in the first place.

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