Is Shake Roofing Ideal for Your Situation?

Aug 28


Aaliyah Arthur

Aaliyah Arthur

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Shake roofing is one of the options you need to consider when you are looking to replace your roof. It is the most common and widely used of all of the different styles.

Are you considering using shake roofing? Are you sure that it is the right option for you? There are various types of materials ideal for the roof of a home. The use of the proper items can actually help you to have a great looking finished product,Is Shake Roofing Ideal for Your Situation? Articles and it can also help you to reduce energy costs to save you money. When considering all of the options on the market, be careful to determine which product is ideal for your situation. If you need a lower cost now, forgo the high priced products but still buy quality. If you want to buy the longest lasting material, go with eco-friendly products that look good.

The Most Common Shingles

One of the most common types of materials is shingles, also known as shake roofing. Composition shingles offer a clean look and they are often priced affordably. Most are well made and will offer a better quality and lifespan than fiberglass or asphalt products. Some are even eco-friendly because they are made from recycled content. A variety of colors and styles are available. The only downside is that in high wind areas, these are blown off more easily.

Another option to consider is wood shakes. There are numerous benefits to these including the natural wood look they have. There are various colors, thicknesses, and various woods used in them. They provide a layer of insulation and enable good air circulation. The drawback to this option is that they do require regular upkeep and maintenance to keep them looking good. They also are more likely to suffer from problems like molding and insect infestations.

Clay tile is a third option. It is the most expensive option thus far. Many people like this option because of the look. It definitely adds to the architectural design, especially in homes with a Spanish, southwestern, or Italian feel. Even Mission homes tend to have this type of material. They do have a long lifespan and they do not burn, rot, or encourage infestations. There are numerous color options available. Beyond the cost, the weight of clay tiles can be a problem in some situations. Additionally, they are fragile and can break just by a person walking on them.

When considering any of these options, consider your budget, design desires, and the longevity of the product. Often, shake roofing materials are available from manufacturers at various price points and quality levels. Be sure to turn to a trusted manufacturer and have the roof installed by a professional with ample experience. This ensures the finished product looks great and your investment is well spent. The right roof could last decades and offer beauty for you throughout that time.

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