Killer Frost's Heating and Cooling Superpowers

May 25


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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One DC super villain had amazing heating and cooling powers that made her a force to be reckoned with

Few people know about Killer Frost from the DC Universe. Despite this,Killer Frost's Heating and Cooling Superpowers Articles this super villain had immense powers that harnessed and controlled heating and cooling elements in the atmosphere. Named after a character developed in the early 1970s by DC comics, this super villain would eventually become a tremendous force for the heroes of the DC Firestorm comic series.

The character was first named Crystal Frost which appeared in 1978 in the third Firestorm comic developed by DC. As Firestorm's main foe, she appeared in the comic as a serial killer, slaying mostly men and absorbing heating and cooling particles in the air. After absorbing a substantial amount of heat, Killer Frost could then turn the molecules into a deep frost, freezing and killing anything in her path. After eventually absorbing too much of Firestorm's energy, Killer Frost's character was killed off. Later DC brought the character back to the series after her body was reanimated under the Black Lantern name.

Killer Frost's personality was perhaps the most sinister out of many DC super villains. Often motivated by a sheer desire to kill, she rarely questioned who she was working for and often did not care. As long as she was given an opportunity to slaughter superheroes or humans alike, she seemed content. While the roots of her story and background does little to explain this motivation, many fans have attempted to explain her complete lack of emotion toward humanity. Fans do recall her background as a high level scientist who, after achieving these enormous powers, attempts to freeze part of the state of Hawaii. Nevertheless, DC writers never explained why she went out of her way to kill mostly men or why she enjoyed indiscriminate killing altogether.

In another series called Public Enemies which that featured Superman and Batman, DC brought Killer Frost back as accepting the challenge by Lex Luthor to find the duo at a bounty of $1 billion. After teaming up with Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold, the threesome attempt to ambush the Batman and Superman in the District of Columbia. By harnessing her powers of heating and cooling effects, Killer Frost would eventually become one of the most difficult to defeat in the series. Nevertheless, her multiple attempts to defeat both Superman and Batman were thwarted by massive defenses by many super heroes in the DC Universe.

After Killer Frost rose in popularity in the 1990s, she would eventually be added to the Justice League animated television series voiced by Canadian actress and singer, Jennifer Hale. She would also appear in the Public Enemies animated film and some rumors have surfaced that she could be a villain for a future Batman or Superman film. Killer Frost also appeared in video game, Justice League Heroes and DC Universe Online, voiced by different actresses respectively.